Waffle Sandwich Wednesday

I love Waffle Wednesday!

Actually, I just love waffles! I have been waiting for my naners to be ripe so I can make this beautiful Waffle Sandwich.IMG 8124 thumb Waffle Sandwich Wednesday

I put Almond Butter, Banana and some syrup between two toaster waffles for this glorious sandwich. Yum!IMG 8122 thumb Waffle Sandwich Wednesday

Unfortunately, my waffle sandwich didn’t show me much love because I was hungry an hour later. 

I broke into my lunch early – Salmon Salad in a wrap with veggies. I also had a handful or two of sweet potato chips, but I think that was stress munching…IMG 8115 thumb Waffle Sandwich Wednesday

This is canned salmon from Costco, mayo, relish, onions and Old Bay. IMG 8116 thumb Waffle Sandwich Wednesday

I also had a Luna bar for Lessert = Lunch + Dessert IMG 8126 thumb Waffle Sandwich Wednesday

I am unbelievable busy today with work and overwhelmed about the next couple of weeks/weekends:

Weekend 1:  May 21-24 My friend Lisa is visiting from CA and I’ll probably spend the weekend at Kristin’s icon smile Waffle Sandwich Wednesday

Weekend 2: Ben and I are going to New Jersey for his annual reunion

Weekend 3:  Going to a conference out of town

Then, fly to FL on Sunday- Tuesday=  for an annual family vacation with Ben’s fam.

Wed – Fri. I spend a few days in MD then…

Weekend 4:  Fly to CA for a week with the family.

Weekend 5: Fly back to MD to be with Ben on our First Anniversary!


I think I mentioned it, but I am working full time for my old company doing recruiting. I have more work than I used to have and am really stressed. Boo.bs

I realize the blog hasn’t been very funny lately which makes me sad. Then, I get sad and the blog is even less funny. See how that works?

So, I am determined to get all my little ducks in a row today so I can stay on top of the Blog (my true love), work, play and everything else.

To illustrate – these are my ducks right now… duckpyramid thumb Waffle Sandwich Wednesday


And these are how I want my ducks to be – in a row and cooler than normal ducks.coolducks thumb Waffle Sandwich Wednesday

duckspeech thumb Waffle Sandwich Wednesday (source)

Anyways, Thank you for sticking with me!


  1. says

    You’re one of my favorite bloggers because of your sense of humor! I loved your quip the other day about seeing Desmond in church — I totally would have had to say something to someone! Ha!

    I hope you enjoy all of your trips and your anniversary — and that your work slows down a bit!

  2. says

    i cant believe it’s almost your anniversary. i remember you having your bachelorette party like yesterday. hooray for waffle wednesday!

  3. says

    That’s my problem, some of my favorite and best tasting breakfasts aren’t as filling as I’d like them to be. Your waffle sandwich looks great!

  4. says

    I’m sorry you’re feeling frazzled. But, on the bright side, life would be too boring and predictable if your ducks were always in a row.
    Hopefully you’ll find a groove. But don’t fret, your blog is just as much fun as ever.

  5. ida says

    wow! 1st anniversary- that’s so exciting. good luck with the ducks:) i know can do it. PS- annual reunions sound intense.

  6. says

    The chocolate peppermint Luna bars are my favorite flavor. Last time I was at Target I bought a box of miniature ones! They are 80 calories and the perfect snack on the way to the gym.

  7. Marissa says

    I absolutely love reading your blog. I must try a waffle sandwich even though I have celiac disease so I will be using gluten free waffles :].
    Oh! I live in New jersey :D maybe ill get lucky and bump into you.

  8. says

    Its funny how blogs always make me want things I don’t even like. I want a waffle so badly and I can’t even remember the last time I had one.. meaning years.

    Looks like you have an awesome few weekends/weeks coming up!! Enjoy it!

  9. says

    Wow your schedule is like mine. I am not getting to travel but I am dealing with school full time and dealing with my hubby going overseas next month.

    I would like to add that those are my favorite LUNA bars! Delicious and also I love canned salmon. I buy mine at Sam’s club and also just recently splurged and bought some fresh smoked salmon

  10. says

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  11. says

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