Stick to Your Guns


I am the easiest person to influence with food. Every time I see an Olive Garden commercial I am convinced that’s what I want for dinner. Those TGI Friday’s commercials make me want to eat there too (and I do not like that place at all). But, I digress… I often think oatmeal is a yummy idea for breakfast – especially when I have ripe bananas for it. I think all the … [Read more...]

Meatless Mexican Monday – Salsa Scramble


Welcome to another  round of Mexican Meatless Monday! I was hungry and wanted to make something super easy tonight. So, I layered beans, eggs scrambled with onions & peppers, guacamole, cheese and salsa for an amazing burrito! I used TJ’s Black Beans for the first layer. These are the best canned beans I’ve ever had. I recently realized that guacamole has the … [Read more...]