A Better Bagel?

I love bagels. A lot.  I wish I didn’t, but I do. Every time I go to Panera for lunch I end up ordering a bagel to chomp on with my salad/sandwich combo. It’s unnecessary, but I am weak.

Because of my love for the doughy deliciousness I am always in search of an “everyday” bagel. While I love bagel shop bagels, I know it’s not the best choice for breakfast on a daily basis. At home I eat healthier versions pretty regularly and I recently found a new kind to try – Nature’s Own Thin Sliced Bagels.IMG_8363

These actually have very similar stats to Thomas’ Bagel Thins except they have 30 more calories. Everything else is practically identical.IMG_8364

Nature’s Promise bagels are smaller, but thicker than the Thomas’ version. (Here the NP bagel is on the left.)IMG_8366

Nature’s Promise is on top here – thicker, but smaller in diameter. So it really depends on your preference. IMG_8367

Today I tried the Nature’s Promise with AB & banana. Very good, very chewy. I like it! I can’t decide which one I like better yet, but I usually go with the chewier choice so NP might win it :)IMG_8361

I also made a smoothie because I love them and think it’s the best way for me to get protein and chia seeds after a run.IMG_8360

Race News – This weekend Ben and I are doing a road trip up to NJ for his annual reunion. I had been looking for a local race and happened to stumble upon a 5K  that is happening at his school Saturday!

I emailed the organizer and asked if I could still sign up (sign up on the web is closed already). They said yes and I can take care of it race day.

I am so excited to run a fun race in NJ. I really wanted to run a race in all of the near by states before we leave, but I don’t think the timing is going to work out. At least I’ll get one more!


  1. says

    Either Nature’s Own or Nature’s Promise also make mini bagels – the whole wheat have 100 calories and are perfect for a snack with PB!

  2. says

    Those look good!! I LOVE bagels.. ok, I love any kind of chewy doughy bready thing but I rarely eat bagels because they have SO many calories and never keep me full without adding some sort of protein. I’ll be on the look out of those!

  3. says

    wow those bagels do look really good. i like that they’re thicker than the bagel thins because there definitely was something lacking with the thins, not bagel-y enough!

  4. says

    I always forget about bagels! I made some last month, but I rarely buy them in the store. I keep seeing those bagel thins around the blog world. They look tasty!

  5. says

    I’m pretty obsessed with bagels too. I’ve found that while I like Bagel Thins, they just don’t have the chew I’m looking for. For now I’m just going with occasionally ordering bagels whilst out.

  6. says

    i think i am the only one who hates bagel thins! i think they taste nothing like bagels, just like sandwich thins with a hole in the middle. my favorite low-calorie bagel is western alternative bagels.. they are good! but i am SUCH a bagel fanatic, i always get big, carby bagels on my free day :)

  7. says

    I still haven’t tried chia seeds, but must put them on my list! Good luck with your 5K race.

    I really liked your 100% of the time post.


  8. Glenn Jones says

    How *anyone* could get excited to do *anything* in New Jersey is beyond me! (Just kidding.) have a great time and keep it fun. Supposed to get hot and humid his weekend.

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