RER’s Dating Tips

As I was eating my lunch today I thought of one of my top dating tips:

Dating Tip #1: Don’t Order Salad on a DateIMG_8390

Not because a man wants a girl who can eat – I hate that even being said. No, don’t order a salad because you cannot shovel  forkfuls of lettuce into your mouth gracefully… IMG_8402

Dating Tip #2:  Don’t eat garlic or onions

*Even if that garlic is  from your favorite state.IMG_8396

Luckily, I was not on a date for lunch and enjoyed garlic bread with my massive salad.


Dating Tip #3:  Don’t drink too much

*Unless it’s going really bad and you don’t care about making a fool of yourself with this guy you hope to never see again.

monica with a drink

Dating Tip #4: Don’t dress like you’re asking for it

*Unless you are in fact, asking for it. But in that case, at least wear a shirt, c’mon! IMG_5787

Dating Tip #5: Don’t profess your love for “nut butter”

*As your date may not realize you are talking about PB and almond butter. Awkward…


**Disclaimer: I am no dating expert – so if these tips get you in a bad relationship or knocked up I am not responsible. Sorry.  I have more, but that’s enough for one day :)


  1. says

    I loved your “nut butter” tip. I actually said something last night to my bf about how I LOVE nut butter and he started laughing histerically. He said, “you love nut butter huh?” I was like oh yeah, LOVE It. And then we both realized that we were not in fact both talking about almond butter. It was embarrassing – but luckily it wasn’t a first date so it was just funny.

  2. says

    Ack! I first met my husband at a football tailgate where I was drinking a water bottle filled with tequila (I don’t remember this, but he brings it up at least once a year). And I’m pretty sure I ordered a grilled shrimp spinach salad on our first date! I guess it’s all up hill from there, right?? Riiiiight.

  3. says

    Wow, thank GOODNESS I have a serious boyfriend already- because I am pretty sure I have/would commit(ed) all of these crimes!

    And about the dressing like I was asking for it…only for halloween during those early college years…we can just forget about those, right!?

  4. says

    LOL I believe that is kinda what everyone thought when I told them I was making “nut cheese”(vegan cashew cheddar cheese)! At least we are not professing out love of” Think Burgers” or what ever those things are called haha.

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