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This morning I was determined to make it to the gym for a class. I haven’t been there in a long time because of a crazy schedule the last two weeks. Nope, today I was on a mission. I went to Strike! which is basically KB with another name. I love KB. Love.

I didn’t have time for breakfast before I left so I just brought some cherries for the road. I love cherries. Love.IMG 8528 thumb Lots of Love

After the class I raced home for a real breakfast. While I was cooking I ate some All Bran crackers. These are my favorite crackers right now. Love (but not as much as KB or cherries). IMG 8539 thumb Lots of Love

I made an egg scramble with onions, spinach, eggs, hummus, ketchup, hot sauce and more ketchup in a wrap. I am loving this breakfast right now which is the weirdest thing since I was never an egg person until last month.IMG 8535 thumb Lots of Love

Plus an apple because I am a fruititarian. It’s a real thing.IMG 8534 thumb Lots of Love

Tomorrow I am headed to Philadelphia for an event put on by New Harvest! I’ve never been there before and am super excited to meet the other bloggers attending!! You can follow the festivities on twitter with #NewHarvest

I’m on twitter at http://twitter.com/Runeatrepeat

My latest from BreatheIt’s the Little Things that Count

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  1. says

    omg there were some cherries on the damaged/day old shelf at the supermarket and they looked perfectly fine to me so i bought all of them. and i was right: they were tasty and amazing.

    as for eggs. you can have all of them — as long as you don’t eat them near me. i can’t stand the smell and have actually moved in the dining halls to get away!

  2. says

    Warning: this is the creepiest comment I’ve ever left. For anyone.

    I TOTALLY saw you at princeton this weekend! And pointed you out to my boyfriend and was like I READ HER BLOG. and he was super creeped out.

    As you probs are right now.

    But I had to tell you b/c it presumably gives you some small amount of “i am a celeb” feeling in addition to an “i am creeped out” feeling.

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