Friday Kickboxing


I look forward to Friday Kickboxing class each week! This is definitely my favorite group fitness class ever!!! I only discovered KB a few months ago when I joined my gym and fell in love. I’m studying to become a personal trainer, but what I really want to do is teach kickboxing :) These classes are in the usual gym group fitness room. The instructor plays great music and … [Read more...]

Walk and Talk


This afternoon I met my friend Kristin and her dogs for lunch. We took a walk and chatted about the crazy events of life. My walking buddies Max and Willow: I packed my lunch to take over – a salad with veggies, chickpeas and tons of guacamole. I figure guac goes back fast and I refuse to let it go to waste. Plus a bag of blue corn tortilla chips. Kristin also shared her … [Read more...]