9 is the new 6


Six miles used to be my favorite distance (it technically still is for mid-week runs) but I’ve been happily running nine miles the last few weekends.  I think nine miles is my favorite long distance weekend run. Before I left I had a piece of toast with PB, banana and jelly. Oh, and a lot of water. When I got back I couldn’t decide between a smoothie or a yogurt bowl. … [Read more...]

One Girl’s Dessert


One girl’s dessert is another man’s, “What is this weird stuff?!” I was craving ice cream, but we don’t have any so I had to make some. I made it with the recipe below and served it with a Vitatop. I made some for Ben too and his response was, “Ah, Babe. This is weird.” :( You can’t please 'em all with these weird dessert recipes! Cocoa “Ice Cream”: frozen banana 3 … [Read more...]