9 is the new 6

Six miles used to be my favorite distance (it technically still is for mid-week runs) but I’ve been happily running nine miles the last few weekends.  I think nine miles is my favorite long distance weekend run.

Before I left I had a piece of toast with PB, banana and jelly. Oh, and a lot of water. IMG_9150

When I got back I couldn’t decide between a smoothie or a yogurt bowl. I’ve been eating a lot of smoothies lately so I went with yogurt. I ate 5x the watermelon shown here :)IMG_9152

Of course I added PB too! (TJ’s is still out of AB. Boo.)IMG_9155

Usually long runs scare away my appetite, but today I got hungry again two hours later! I guess my body is getting used to this distance.

I ate more veggie chicken and rice over a salad. This is my new favorite thing, but I think it has a lot of sugar in the sauce which I’m trying to get away from :(IMG_9160

Update on Ben’s injury: The bruising is finally going away and the cut is healing. IMG_9143But it’s still gross.

Chicks may dig scars, but they don’t dig open wounds.  IMG_9142 Okay, I’ve got to clean this place before I do anything else!

Wait, do I really have to clean if we’re moving soon? Please say no.


  1. Lizzie says

    Ben’s gorgeous and even more so if he lost a few pounds, pumped up and wow! No offense missy. Just a compliment on your man.

  2. says

    Just wanted to pop in and say that I am very impressed at how quickly you’ve built your endurance back up after being injured. I feel like I was just reading about how you weren’t able to run, and now you’re doing 9 miles easily and regularly! You’re a fabulous runner! I find it very inspirational. :)

  3. says

    I LOVE looking back and seeing what old mileage my new mileage is. I started at 1 mile…then 3 was the new 1…now 6 is my new 3 that I can run easily and regularly. I love that I can see you doing 9 as the new 6 and knowing that soon enough I will be there, too! Thanks!

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