Day One of Training

I’ve decided to start my training a little early since I will be traveling a bit over the next few months and will miss out on some key runs. Hopefully a head start will relieve some of the marathon training stress! I will be okay with missing some runs or making them up at another time so I can focus on LIVING my life :)

I changed the days so that my long runs fall on Saturday and rest days fall on Sundays. This is how I like it because I have one day to sleep in on the weekends plus, Ben and I can enjoy lazy Sunday mornings.

So, today is a rest day! Ha! This marathon training is cake so far 😉 (Just wait until I get to the long runs where I swear I hate running and contemplate quitting…)IMG_9050

In addition to Day One of Marathon Training, I’m also going to change up my fueling for  training.  In addition to breaking 4 hours, I also want to cross the finish line at 145ish pounds (I’m not stuck on a specific number, but want to be 10 pounds less than I was at my PR).

After being out of town last week it was hard for me to get back on track. I was still eating like I was on vacation with too many treats.

The plan is to 1.) cut back on sugar  (I’m trying to keep snacks under 9g a serving) 2.)make sure I’m getting enough protein and 3.) track my eats just like I’m tracking my miles. :)

Breakfast – I made an egg scramble with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and spinach. Served with a wrap.IMG_9176

Plus a lot of watermelon. A.Lot. IMG_9180 

Happy Sunday – relax and enjoy :)


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    Hey Monica, I think I’m going to do that plan too! I just have to get out and buy myself a RW – I have to start week one this week! I also want to try to lose weight – about 15 pounds. Earlier this year I trained for a full and I think it will be hard to lose weight while training but I’m going to try! It really only should be hard towards the end (last month or so) of training, eh?

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    I can definately tell a difference in my running even if I am 5lbs heavier. It is just easier on my body to be lighter. I also know that when I do train, I tend to be a starving, carb-obsessed monster. I am interested in following your training and maybe you will motivate me to actually run my 1st full.

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    Omgosh best of luck on your marathon training!!!! That stuff is hard as hell but you can do it!!!! I’m on vacation mode as soon as i go home, so I also have to be on a mission to lighten up. My half marathon training didn’t quite finish…hm…now i need to get back on this bandwagon!!

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    I tend to feel that whenever I’m running for any particular amount of time. I wonder why anyone would ever want to do such a thing! I absolutely love the feeling I get after a work out, but getting through one is so tough sometimes!

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