Hummustard Roasted Chickpeas

Since I have 5 pounds of chickpeas to eat before they go bad, I knew roasted chickpeas were in order. They work as a snack or part of a meal :)

When I’ve roasted chickpeas in the past I make a sauce for them, but I wasn’t in the mood for that. Instead I made a “Hummustard Sauce”.

I mixed hummus and honey mustard with a bit of water and coated the c’peas. I actually think HEAB invented this as a salad dressing and I’ve been obsessed for a while.

Then, I roasted them up for 50 minutes at 400 degrees. I mixed them around the pan twice so they would cook evenly.IMG_9165



I ate the entire batch which is bad because I wasn’t even hungry :( But, that shows how good they are – very very really amazingly good!IMG_9173

After dinner I was fully, but wanted dessert. It wasn’t hunger, but “Funger” where I want to eat something because it’s fun and tastes good.

I hit up Rita’s for a treat, but ate it before I could take a pic :) blendini

Now I’m overly stuffed and regretful. Oh well, there are worse things…


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    I always roast veggies and sweet potatos but ahh I never thought of roasting chickpeas thats a good idea! I just had some icecream myself I know what cha mean just wanting to have it for the taste and fun of it!

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    I had one of those days today too. Way too much eating, way too much riding in a car. Long car trips always make me crave food on the road. But tomorrow will be a new and brighter day!

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