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After posting about stopping my nighttime snacking habit earlier today, I came across Roni’s vlog just right now. She addresses this exact issue as the first question!

If you have an issue with this check out her approach. She suggested embracing the fact that you’re a night time snacker and working it into your daily calorie goals. Roni lost 70 pounds and credits this approach with getting her to goal.

You can watch her video here. (She addresses nighttime eating about four minutes into the taping.)

This afternoon I took my new New Balance Rock and Tone shoes for a spin. New Balance sent these to the Fitbloggin attendees. Score! I’ve always wanted a pair of these too.IMG_9301

They feel a little weird at first, so I want to try them a few times before I give a review.

Dinner – Boca crumbles, mushrooms, bell peppers, TJ’s spaghetti sauce over whole wheat pasta.IMG_9307

After I had a few bites I realized this was missing something. I added cottage cheese for creaminess and protein. Now it’s perfect. IMG_9308

Vitatop for dessert x2 because I’m stressed and have a certain monthly visitor. The 21 Day Challenge Starts Friday.IMG_9279

BLTs –

– 2 calcium chews

– cherries

– handful cashews and cranberries

– 2 pretzels with nut butter

– H2H cereal with soymilk


I actually wrote the above post last night, but never published it because I was overwhelmed with other stuff and stepped away from the computer when I dropped my entire water bottle on the floor.

I’m over it now, but thanks for being patient :)


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    Dude. I need to attend Fitbloggin’ next year for sure. I think Roni’s idea is a great one. If nighttime is when you snack a lot see if you can’t cut down at other times or reduce your breakfast/lunch portions.

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    I am a firm believe in the post dinner snack! I also have been having dessert since I was a kid and I think my body is just naturally hungry from 7-10pm. So I make sure I save ‘room’ for a snack – I think it’s better than saying no snacks at all, getting hungry, breaking the rule, then overeating…I did that when I first started to lose weight and once I ‘let’ myself have a snack per night did so much better with moderation. Vitatops = perfect night time snack 😉

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    I am a night time eater too. I lost 40lbs and have never stopped eating at night. I actually try to push my dinner back to about 7pm and then have dessert around 8:30. I have big desserts too. I just incorporate them into my calorie allotment for the day. I have heard conflicting reports, but I find nothing wrong with eating at night as long as I am not eating over my daily calorie target. You have to do what works for you.

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    I usually have two snacks after dinner — ice cream time (which is a meal unto itself) and something an hour or two before I go to bed. If I don’t have anything, I’ll sleep poorly, due to hunger. I just factor that food into what I eat the rest of the day. So my personal opinion is that you should definitely try to work WITH your current eating patterns; maybe embracing them will take away some of the ‘forbidden’ temptation that can lead to non-stop snacking.

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    My niece was laughing at me when reading one paragraph on your blog “… the fact that you…re a night time snacker and working it into your daily calorie goals. Roni lost 70 …” this is it, you just crushed it down pal.

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