California Here I Come…

“Right back where I started from….”

Ben and I joke that I am a lot like Lucy from “I Love Lucy”. I have red hair, am pretty loud and am constantly coming up with new crazy ideas. It’s true. But that’s why you guys stick around right?

All day long I’ve been singing “California here I come, right back where I started from…” But those are the only words I know, so it’s on repeat. Oh well.

After lunch we headed to the auto shipping company to drop off my car (who will join me in CA in two weeks). IMG_9597

From there we got a taxi and headed to the airport. We each have two checked bags and carry-ons. This was a ton of of luggage to try and manage. I’m used to packing a lot lighter.IMG_9600


Getting though security meant a very long line and a naked picture scan. (Picture here). Yeah, they are doing those at BWI now. Ben refused to go through and they didn’t give him any trouble. He just had to go through the metal detector instead.

After the crazy security lines we found a place to recharge and relax for a bit before our flight. We needed dinner for the trip and I was on a  mission to find one more crab cake before I left Maryland!

Luckily the Green Turtle had crab cakes that they swear are a very special secret recipe. Since I’m a sucker for menu marketing (or I just wanted it) I ordered my favorite Maryland dinner :)IMG_9605

It’s a good thing I’m leaving MD before I single handedly make crabs extinct :( IMG_9604

Unfortunately,  the combination of moving and running and KB bothered my knee and it was hurting all day. I finally caved and took one of the prescribed pain pills, but forgot that they make me nauseous (remember when I had a very bad night after taking them).

I asked the stewardess if the ginger-ale actually has ginger in it (which helps with nausea) but sadly, it doesn’t. I guess there wasn’t any room for actual ginger in it after they packed it full of HFCS. Oh well.

Between the stress of moving and the time change, I am exhausted! I will see you tomorrow brighter and more bushy tailed :)


  1. says

    I hope you had a good flight and that you weren’t suffering too much from the pain pills.

    PS–I don’t know any other words to that song, either.

  2. Marlon @MeInTheBalance says

    Welcome to Orange County! I hope the flight went well. My family and I live in Placentia (right by Anaheim). Let me know if we can be of any help. We don’t have a lot but my wife and I are teachers on summer vacation so we do have time.

  3. says

    I know I probably shouldnt ask right as you leave DC, but did you ever try the ginger ale at Founding Farmers?? It is DELISH. They muddle fresh ginger at the bottom of the glass. I’ve never had such yummy ginger ale in my life!

  4. says

    lol, does anyone know the rest of the words to that song? I think those are the only ones I have ever heard.

    Hope you had a peaceful flight!

  5. says

    hah everytime I hear California I think of the show OC and it makes me smile because I LOVED that show! That’s so crazy about that naked body scanner.

  6. Nancy says

    Just wondering what Ben’s thoughts are on the naked body scanner? I’m trying to decide before traveling whether I would decline to be scanned. Does he worry about invasion of privacy? Thanks!!

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