Movie Snacks

Thank you all for your well wishes with my move. I really appreciate it!

I had the best of intentions with my snacks today, but I caved. I brought cherries to the movies…IMG_9633

(Since I was driving I asked Ben to take a picture of the cherries. So you get eating while driving pics. )IMG_9636

but ended up digging into the popcorn anyways. My powers are useless against the smells of popcorn! I don’t think there is anything wrong with movie popcorn once in a while, but I am not sticking to plan very well. IMG_9637

We saw “Get Him To The Greek”. I liked it. Ben liked it too, but had higher expectations than what was delivered. (That is our review.)

The night cap of frozen yogurt didn’t help my cause either. But, I’m not feeling overly full tonight at all, so I don’t think I over did it.IMG_9638

I avoided a nap today so I could get on CA time, but the transition is rougher than I thought. I am d r a g g i n g…

See you guys in the morning :)


  1. Julieavitale says

    How have you not posted Biggie small’s video for “going back to Cali” yet?! That’s all I think of when I read your blog now!

    I agree with Ben’s review. I had way higher expectations of the movie and felt very let down.

  2. says

    Welcome back to Cali!!! I have been gone from the motherland for sooo long and I miss it terribly, so I will live vicariously through you :)

    I love popcorn. Sometimes I think I go to the movies just to get popcorn. Even though it doesnt always even taste good! There is just something about it. My prob is having any left in the bag after the previews…

  3. says

    Popcorn gives me the WORST stomach pains, so it is much easier for me to say no! I usually bring in some bare fruit apple chips to snack on during a movie. The perfect sweet treat that I know won’t break my day.

  4. says

    I love your Natalie Dee cartoons. :)

    I don’t even like movie popcorn but for some reason if you sit next to me with it, I will always stick my hand in your bag and eat some. Isn’t that weird?

  5. says

    Movie snacks are soooo deadly!!! I try to avoid them and bring healthier options. I love movie theatre popcorn but I can limit my portions because it’s so salty and rich…

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