11 Mile Run in Long Beach


Happy Weekend! Last night I was really looking forward going on a long run this morning. I headed to my old stomping grounds in Long Beach for a run. But first, I had toast with PB&J.IMG 9703 thumb 11 Mile Run in Long Beach

I have been bringing my hand held water bottle for these mid-length runs. Once I increase mileage I’ll wear my fuel belt. IMG 9704 thumb 11 Mile Run in Long Beach

I actually got a stomachache mid run and wasn’t feeling very good for the last few miles. I just slowed down, but didn’t stop. It started to get really windy and I didn’t want to be walking in that any longer than I had to icon smile 11 Mile Run in Long Beach

Post run I was feeling “off” so I stopped at Whole Foods and bought some of these to mix into my water. I really liked them and am thinking about getting a container of it.IMG 9705 thumb 11 Mile Run in Long Beach

I also hit up the WF hot bar. The WF in Long Beach is tiny (and just okay), but the few things that it has were delicious!

I got eggs, vegan chorizo potatoes and a small piece of vegan breakfast pizza. The breakfast pizza was A.maze.ing. For real.

IMG 9709 thumb 11 Mile Run in Long Beach

I also got a chocolate chip scone. I am usually not big on scones (too dry), but this was a winner!IMG 9706 thumb 11 Mile Run in Long Beach

There was another pit stop on the way home – the Strawberry stand! Thacker Berry Farms has stands all over this area and their strawbs are the BEST! They sell out every day, so you have to get there fast. IMG 9710 thumb 11 Mile Run in Long Beach

Lunch was a taco salad with chips – not exciting, but I felt I needed some comida.IMG 9711 thumb 11 Mile Run in Long Beach


IMG 9671 thumb1 11 Mile Run in Long Beach

Now I’m watching UFC on TV. It’s so weird that I like this stuff… do you?

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  1. Christy says

    Definitely not weird! My husband loves UFC so I end up watching a lot of fights with him. I think the question here is….does Ben watch? ;)
    Have you tried coconut water for electrolytes? I bought some ONE Coconut Water last week and I really like it post workout.

  2. says

    i want to run 11 miles in long beach! bummer about the stomach issues. i know that you said you carry your handheld but it could be dehydration. my stomach just clenches up during runs when i’m dehydrated

  3. says

    OMFG, I want a Wholefood in Sydney (Australia) so badly after seeing that meal, seriously. Can somebody work on that please?

  4. says

    My fiance’s friends make us watch UFC when we visit them on Saturday nights. I don’t think my fiance enjoys it all that much – it’s just a part of being a part of this particular group. I don’t really like to watch it but I can never look away from their super gross cauliflower ears. They’re like a train wreck. I can’t look away!

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