5K Friday and Not Running


Hello and Happy Friday! I am so happy I made it through this week :) I had four really super long days, but I only have to do that for two more weeks and hopefully we’ll be in our condo and able to eliminate the 2+ hour commute in August. Today is 5K Friday – did you run a solo 5K this week? It doesn’t matter if you do it on Fridays or not, everyone gets an “A” for effort on … [Read more...]

Crabby and Carb-y


I made the mistake of eating mostly carbs for the whole day :( By 6pm I was super hungry and crabby. Too many carbs make me crabby because my blood sugar just keeps going up and down all day and I’m never satisfied. My choices were healthy, but they were balanced – and that’s where I went wrong. Breakfast – Kashi Go Lean, whole grain flakes, a handful of Shredded Wheat and … [Read more...]