Pancake Cravings

Earlier today I was on a mission for pancakes. When I get a craving I cannot move on with my life until I satisfy it!

By the time I got home and showered it was 1pm so I had to find 1.) a place that was still serving breakfast and 2.) a fellow mid-day pancake date.

I ended up at a hole in the wall place that’s open until 2:30pm – score!IMG_0054 As expected I got the pancake combo because I wanted eggs too. I thought I asked for no sausage, but they forgot. I brought it home for Ben.

And my date… Matt, my little brother :)


But, my date lost interest in small talk when he found a newspaper left in our booth. I know I’m partial, but this kid is a smart cookie!IMG_0051

Happily waiting for pancakes!IMG_0052The rest of the day included errands and getting some very very bad news. A very close friend lost their sister today :( Please pray for the family.

Dinner -  Ben had to work today so we haven’t hung out much this week. A dinner out was in order and we hit up a local Mexican place.

I got fish tacos. I didn’t expect them to be fried and was disappointed until I tasted them – much better than I expected! IMG_0056

I ate one and shared the other with Ben for some of his beans and rice. IMG_0057

I haven’t had one bite of veggies today so I ordered a green salad on the side.


Not that Crap Free Week was completely crap free, but it’s over now :) I have a treat lined up for just this occasion…IMG_0060


  1. says

    Crazy coincidence, we lost a family friend {female} today as well. Crazy thing is that it happened really quickly. They are thinking it was because of a mosquito infected with Lyme disease! They just took her off of life support today. Prayers going out to your friend!

  2. says

    Your brother is adorable! I love that he was so interested in reading the paper. That’s awesome!

    I’m so sorry about your friend’s sister. I’ll keep them in my thoughts.

  3. Cate says

    I am sorry for the loss in your friend’s family.

    How did you like the Breyer’s treat? I have not tried those yet, and I am wondering if they are better than my normal Skinny Cow truffle bars and ice cream sandwiches.

    I enjoy your blog!

  4. says

    So sorry for your friend and her family. Dealing with death is so hard! Many prayers for them.

    Pancakes are awesome, but I think I like soft, chewy waffles better. But I never make them because I don’t have a waffle iron!

  5. says

    Sorry you got bad news. :(

    But on the brighter side your date is super cute!!! And those fish tacos look delicious! I know one time I ordered fish tacos and they said it was fried. I immediately asked if they could have them made grilled for me instead. I was happy they could!

  6. says

    Your brother is really cute, cute and smart, lol! I’d definitely go for a pancake combo, too! Love pancakes! I have them every single morning, it’s part of our morning rituals at home. My four kids simply love it, too.
    I hope your friend’s coping up.

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