Frozen Foods


I have just resolved myself to the fact that I should happily accept the convenience of frozen foods in my life for the next two weeks. Convenience is key when you come home starving at 8pm and cooking is not an option unless you want to binge on an entire box of cereal while waiting for water to boil. Dinner was a double whammy of frozen deliciousness. First, a LC (Lean … [Read more...]

Life Isn’t Perfect


Wow. How have I been walking this earth for twenty plus years (when did I start walking, Mom?) and just now figured that out? I have been super stressed about neglecting RER, my email, my dogs :( and so much more. I am frustrated at my 2+ hour commute. I almost had a breakdown during lunch today because I didn’t feel like I had time to make it to the bank and eat in 30 … [Read more...]