Frozen Foods

I have just resolved myself to the fact that I should happily accept the convenience of frozen foods in my life for the next two weeks.

Convenience is key when you come home starving at 8pm and cooking is not an option unless you want to binge on an entire box of cereal while waiting for water to boil.

Dinner was a double whammy of frozen deliciousness. First, a LC (Lean Cuisine) frozen pizza. It’s no Roundtable, but it’s better than chomping on 2 whole sleeves of crackers dipped in PB :)IMG_9528

And the best new ice cream find! A chocolate dipped ice cream for 130 calories. If you didn’t believe in miracles before you will now. Love it. IMG_9529 Buyer Beware: This product may cause you to eat ice cream for snacks on a daily basis. Sometimes breakfast too. IMG_9534

Ben and I actually got home before the sun went down and took the dogs for a super short walk around the block (they’re used to 2.5 milers). Apparently Ben thinks it’s a good idea to take pics of me in the most unflattering angle possible – from behind.IMG_9530

Oh and my cat is dead.IMG_9535

Just kidding, he is just being weird. As am I.

BreatheKeep the fights clean and the sex dirty. Unsolicited relationship advice from yours truly…


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    I agree that it’s exhausting to come home late, and on those nights I NEVER want to slave in the kitchen! I definitely don’t always plan again as good as I wish I did, but on a good week I’ll make a huge pan of lasagna or a big crockpot of chili, stew, etc. and will package it up in tupperware for lunches and dinners for the week. It isn’t perfect but it gets me through those long weeks :)

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    Ooo i hate coming home late and not wanting to cook! i usually grab cereal and then feel guilty for not having any veg! I really need to start bulk making and freeze portions ready to shove in the microwave!

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    I’ve been tempted many times to buy these ice cream bars. Now my temptation has just grown. I foresee them in my cart next trip! 😉

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    That is the hardest part of cooking a real meal for me. If I don’t eat a big lunch or mid-afternoon snack I get home and raid my kitchen while something is cooking in the oven. Sometimes, you just have to pick the lesser of evils, right?

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    I have many times found myself STARVING when I get home so I eat a snack that is really a meal. Then by the time dinner is ready, I’m stuffed (usually with something like cereal or crackers and soynut butter).

    Perhaps this weekend you can try to make a few meals that can be thrown in the microwave when you get home? Or even make some sandwiches…?

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    They may not be the healthiest option (like a homecooked lunch) but a lot of the Lean Cusines are pretty tasty. They are fast, easy to make at work and are low calories. While I’d prefer to make my lunch every day, I just don’t have time.

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    I have been eyeing those ice cream bars. YUM!

    I used to eat tons of Amy’s frozen burritos, Smart Ones Santa Fe beans and rice and Lean Cuisine pizzas. I feel you. But definitely better than fast food or boxes of cereal!

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    I’d have to say I can’t stomach those LC meals.

    make up a huge batch of something on the weekend then reheat is my best advice.

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