Hug Tighter and Longer

Today my mom and I went to the funeral for my friend. It had actually been a really long time since I’d seen her or her family or friends. I “lost rights” to these people in my last break-up.

It was very sad, but also good to see my old friends and acquaintances. She has the best family ever and they were always so welcoming and loving. I was super close to these people for five years and suddenly lost touch. It had been way too long. And it really sucks to have to see people under these circumstances. I miss them and am bummed that things couldn’t have been different, but life is complicated.

Anyways, hug your friends and family tighter and longer tonight :)

God Bless.


Due to the funeral my eats were sporadic. I had a “normal” breakfast after an easy 4 miler.IMG_9553

Then, lunch, dinner and snacks weren’t pictured because I was busy living my life.

Oh, and in the spirit of feeling off today I painted my nails this color. Not sure why.IMG_9556


  1. says

    Funerals are the worst.
    What I don’t understand is why they are called FUNerals. nothing about them is fun.

    big tight & long hugs!

  2. says

    im sorry- i went to a funeral too over the week and they are SO SAD. death is scary. good thing we have a better place waiting for us tho!

  3. says

    One year it seemed like my husband and I went to one every other month. Has to be the worst thing ever.

    Definitely hugging my loved ones close.

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