Fake Fate Fish Friday

I love alliterations and it turns out I have a lot of “F” words for Friday! Ah, simple pleasures.

First I had an iced coffee, which isn’t an alliteration, but was freakin’ good icon wink Fake Fate Fish Friday IMG 0168 thumb Fake Fate Fish Friday

Lunch consisted of Fake meat Friday– Smart Deli Roast Turkey.  I have yet to find a really good veggie lunch meat, but the search continues because I love sandwiches.IMG 0173 thumb Fake Fate Fish Friday

Fantastic Friday lunch – Sandwich, Sun chips and carrots.IMG 0175 thumb Fake Fate Fish Friday

Doesn’t this look like a “normal” sandwich? Yummy!IMG 0176 thumb Fake Fate Fish Friday

Favorite bread! I picked up a loaf of my favorite bread today – this stuff is the best sandwich bread ever.IMG 0180 thumb Fake Fate Fish Friday

Friday Fate in the form of cherries….I bought cherries because you have to have them while they’re hot in season!

This one was in the shape of a heart. I <3 cherries!IMG 0181 thumb Fake Fate Fish Friday

My afternoon snack was major = Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter toastIMG 0184 thumb Fake Fate Fish Friday

In even better news – I got this from Marshall’s on super clearance. $3.00 for Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter?! Is today my birthday?IMG 0188 thumb Fake Fate Fish Friday

Fish Friday for dinner icon smile Fake Fate Fish Friday My mom baked tilapia and we served it with salad, peas…IMG 0190 thumb Fake Fate Fish Friday

…and French bread. My dad brought this back from a recent San Francisco trip. French bread from Boudin’s is the best you can get. Trust.

IMG 0192 thumb Fake Fate Fish Friday

Good Night icon smile Fake Fate Fish Friday


  1. says

    OMG I need to get to my Marshalls because I picked up the Hazelnut Chocolate butter from Justins for 7.99 and thought that was a deal. $3?? They must of marked them down more since I was there last.

  2. says

    1. I’m not going to lie when I say that bread is one awesome thing about moving back to San Luis Obispo.

    2. I need to shop at Marshall’s more often.

  3. says

    I’ve been fairly pleased with Tofurky products. I’ve been craving turkey, so I picked some of the Tofurky variety a couple of nights ago (AFTER I had my first-ever Sonic experience!). Of course, the pleasure may have come from the fact that my sandwich also included fresh tomato and avocado:-).

  4. says

    I hate fake meat products…they always try and taste like meat. I don’t eat meat for a reason! It’s disgusting! lol

    Wow, that is cheap for a nut butter! Awesome.

  5. says

    My husband bought some Justin’s almond butter to try. $3 is quite a bargin!

    That tilapia looks amazing – have you tried a tempeh sandwich – it is great with avocado…?

    Enjoy the weekend!

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