I had a lot of questions about that Green nail polish I had on last week, but I couldn’t answer because I don’t actually own a bottle of it. I just chose that color at the nail salon icon smile Nails! (I don’t actually own any nail polish or nail polish remover. Is that some sort of female fail on my part?)

But, the last time I went in I made sure to take a picture of that color so interested parties could find it…IMG 0290 thumb Nails!

It is called “Who the Shrek Are You?” Ha.IMG 0293 thumb Nails!

This morning I woke up early to bust out 5 miles before I got back to moving. Our electricity isn’t turned on yet, so we went back and slept at my mom’s last night.

There is still a long list of things to do before I leave on Friday!

For some reason I woke up Hungry this morning and had a bowl of cereal before running. This stuff is basically crack in a box for $5.00. Which I believe is fairly cheap as far as crack goes, so I think I’m getting a deal. IMG 0300 thumb Nails!

Breakfast was an egg burrito with grapes. IMG 0282 thumb Nails!

I love eating egg scrambles for breakfast because I start my day with veggies and good protein! This makes me feel better about eating AB&J for lunch icon smile Nails!

IMG 0285 thumb Nails!

I called out of work so I could get some stuff done. I’ve been letting too many things pile up and it’s giving me major anxiety!

Okay, off to be productive…


  1. says

    I don’t own any nail polish either.

    OMG, I had to stop buying that exact kind of Fiber One because it is too addicting. Well, and the mile long ingredient list.

  2. says

    ha ha cheap crack!! I love Fiber One and eat it almost every day. I will be sure to check out that nailpolish (I know I was one of the ones who asked)

  3. says

    Ha I love the name of that nail polish. I own my own polish and stuff because I usually just paint my toe nails myself. But if I want my fingernails done, I get them professionally. My left hand is too shaky to do it myself lol

  4. says

    Hi, just wondering, you run everyday? i can’t even do 5 days a week anymore (Which i used to!) i find it difficult to get up, EVEN with COFFEE!

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