Chicago Bean

I love beans. All beans – especially garbanzo icon smile Chicago BeanIMG 0428 thumb Chicago Bean

But I found another bean to love – the Chicago Bean!IMG 0431 thumb Chicago Bean IMG 0425 thumb Chicago Bean

Chandra and I walked around Chicago after the Healthy Living Summit activities were over. I wanted to take a nap, but she convinced me to get out (and I’m glad she did).IMG 0437 thumb Chicago Bean

It was really cool exploring the city since I’ve never been to Chicago before! I really love this city.IMG 0439 thumb Chicago Bean

We walked to the pier and watched the sunset behind the buildings. It was so romantic, huh Chandra. Chandra? No? Oh.IMG 0444 thumb Chicago Bean 

At some point in the day I had tiny apples and a granola bar. And maybe one of many cookies mentioned at the end of this post. Sorry I look like a homeless person. It is what it is.IMG 0400 thumb Chicago Bean


Athenos sponsored snack time this afternoon too!

IMG 0415 thumb Chicago Bean

Then, we realized we were super hungry and bee-lined it for dinner. We ended up at an Asian fusion place. I got miso soup (because I couldn’t wait another second for food).IMG 0447 thumb Chicago Bean

And I ordered a tofu vegetable medley and rice for my main course. I destroyed this meal. Seriously. Plus a gallon or so of soy sauce, give or take.IMG 0450 thumb Chicago Bean IMG 0451 thumb Chicago Bean

Then we headed back to the hotel where I have cookies, made by roomie Kelly, waiting for me. I would say “us” instead of “me” but I’m eating them solo at this point. 

These are Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies and have changed my life. It’s just that the verdict is still out as to if they changed it for the better icon wink Chicago BeanIMG 0458 thumb Chicago Bean

I need the recipe and will share upon arrival!

Good night icon smile Chicago Bean


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    I don’t know how I haven’t stumbled upon your blog before tonight, but I’m so happy it happened. You are hilarious and I really like your writing style. I made those Nutella cookies for my friend maybe two months ago but I think I was a little too light-handed with the magical ingredient because they ended up tasting like ordinary chocolate chip cookies, boooo.

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