Burny Burny Cut Cut


Yesterday on my 16 miler in Chicago I wore my Spibelt, like I always do on long runs. But, after a mid-run bathroom break I put it back on a little to quickly and ended up with a huge burn/cut on my side.  I didn’t realize until I got in the shower after the run and it stung like crazy :( Now it looks like a slice in my side and it’s pretty gross. Actually, it doesn’t … [Read more...]

Sixteen in Chicago


One of my life goals is to run in every state in the United States. I actually ran in Illinois when Ben and I did our road trip across the country last summer, but today I ran in Chicago and really felt like I crossed this state off the list with a bang! Meghann, Leslie, Emily, Beck, Jenn, Evan, Theodora and I all gathered in the hotel lobby before anyone else was awake to … [Read more...]