My Own Little Space

Since we did most of the living room floor yesterday, but still don’t have furniture, it’s just one clear and open space right now. It would be perfect for me to practice some yoga, but we don’t have the TV set up yet so I can’t put on a DVD.

Oh well, I think I’ll do a couple sun salutations and call it a work out icon smile My Own Little Space IMG 0610 thumb My Own Little Space Please ignore how dirty my yoga mat is icon sad My Own Little Space It got super soiled at some point in the move and I really need a new one anyways because it also has a tear. Boo.

I have no idea where my blender is so I had to make a “Plan B” breakfast. I ended up with oatmeal, greek yogurt and a banana. IMG 0609 thumb My Own Little Space

This was good, but I am really craving a smoothie! I am on a mission go unpack my blender today!

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  1. Tiffany says

    Your floor looks great! Good job.

    Is it Pergo or some other brand of laminate? We’re currently working on our floors, and just finished ripping out all the old carpet.

  2. Kathryn says

    do you have a dvd player in your computer? I do that all the time when I’m traveling and dont have a dvd player to use :)

  3. Marlon @MeInTheBalance says

    Wow! Nice job with the floor– it looks great. I got my first yoga mat at Target–it was pretty inexpensive but kept rolling up on me. I got my newer one from Sports Chalet. It was twice as much but it works better for me. Good luck with the TV–I’m sure you’ll get it up and running soon.

  4. Dynamics says

    Your floors look great. You all did a great job. I have an exercise room that needs a DVD player and mirrors. Does anyone know where you can buy mirrors?

  5. says

    I’m probably going to be moving soon and I didn’t even think about what it will be like without a blender. Eek! I use it at least twice daily!

    The floor looks beautiful!

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