Yogurtland Rules

Ben built all our Ikea furniture today and we had our first meal on our new dinner table. I was on a mission to find a pub height table and found a winner last night. I love it!IMG_0669

I was hungry when I was shopping and threw some extras into the cart at Trader Joes– like sourdough bread and roasted red pepper spread. The bread was good, the spread not so much.IMG_0667

After a hard long run and a day of Ikea furniture building, wine was necessary. Very necessary.

Ahhh, it was so nice to sit down to dinner in our condo on our table. Love it :)IMG_0670

I had a Fiber One bar while out and about. As much as I hate that these are so processed, I like how they taste. If it kills me please put that on my tombstone as a public service warning to others.

“She reached for the stars, but ate those Fiber One Bars. One night she ate eleven, and now is farting up Heaven…”IMG_0671

After dinner Ben and I visited the new Yogurtland that just so happens to be 1/2 mile from our place. This might be a problem. You know, as I’m addicted.IMG_0673

Fact:  Yogurtland is the best self serve yogurt place in the world. They were the first self serve around and have Taro flavored fro-yo. It is the best. IMG_0675

Plus, they think you rule.IMG_0677

Monica’s Comment of the Day:

“Yogurtland tastes so much better after a long run! Actually, life tastes better after a long run…”


  1. says

    I try to stay away from dairy, but dang! That fro-yo just looks so good! And they’re starting to bring all the fro-yo stores to the Atlanta area! *Sigh*

  2. says

    Good choice with the high table. We don’t have one, but I know if we did we would proably eat at the table way more. By the way I tried PB in my cold cereal yesterday. I added a spoonfull to some Kashi H2H, it was really yummy. It reminded me of PB Captain Crunch.

  3. says

    I really wish I could have self-serve fro-yo near me! The only time I have gotten to try it was in Vegas, but it wasn’t good. It was not creamy, it was icy. So if they bring a place near me, I hope it’s a good one!

    The Fiber One bars are definitely tasty, but to me they were not filling whatsoever!

  4. says

    Life definitely tastes better after a long run…. I wholeheartedly agree on that one. Although personally I also find that 3 bowls of stew and about 10 pounds of Chocolate Dreams also taste better after a long run, or maybe that’s just me and my day of weird eats…

  5. Heather C says

    Ah, I just bought that roasted red pepper spread hoping it’s amazing, LOL oh well, maybe I’ll mix it with something else.
    Glad you got a table – we also have a pub height one :)

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