You know what day it is…


Pinata Party Time! Just kidding, it's Mexican Meatless Monday! Are you going Meatless today?? Or Mexican? Or both??? It may or may not also be Margarita Monday as I am starting both new school and a new job today. My stomach is in knots... Make it a great Monday :) Question: Margarita - blended or on the rocks? I always go blended. Mango flavor if available. … [Read more...]

Back To School


  I mentioned the other day that I was buying books for school. And I kinda owe you an explanation, so here it is… I have been thinking about going back to school for a long time, and now I am finally biting the bullet and going for it. I took the GRE over a year ago when I was first toying with the idea, but first I wanted to give my degree the opportunity to fly. I … [Read more...]

Scone Search


This morning I was on a mission to find what I’ve heard to be the best scones in Orange County. As soon as I woke up I changed and went to a local bakery I’ve heard people rave about. But, they were closed :( Boo. Defeated I went home and made breakfast… But not before stopping in at the grocery store for a few “key ingredients” for breakfast. I got a cheese danish to share … [Read more...]