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I mentioned the other day that I was buying books for school. And I kinda owe you an explanation, so here it is…

I have been thinking about going back to school for a long time, and now I am finally biting the bullet and going for it. I took the GRE over a year ago when I was first toying with the idea, but first I wanted to give my degree the opportunity to fly.

I graduated college with a degree in Journalism, did a ton of internships (even amazing hands on “real reporting” type ones),  had a very solid resume tape, looked and searched and begged for a job, finally landed a reporter position, covered some stories I’m proud of … and then was subsequently laid off.

The reality is the industry isn’t what I thought it was and I’m not going to be the next Woodward or Bernstein. It’s a complicated situation and would be tedious to explain completely, but I live in the #2 market and am not going to get a job anywhere that Ben can get a job.

So, after much thought and doubt and discussion, I’ve decided to take the steps toward becoming an RD. Right now it will probably take me about 3 years to complete – I have a full year of pre-reqs at a local community college before I can even start the program! *I am not admitted to a RD program yet, right now I am just doing all the science requirements needed to apply.

And on top of that, I’m kinda married and want to make babies 😉 We always figured we would wait two or three years, and that is still the plan, it’s just more complicated.

A lot more complicated.

But, I’m excited.

What I loved about reporting was meeting new people, talking to them and understanding their story to share with the public. Now I get to meet people and understand their situation to help them.

Luckily, the blog gives me the opportunity to continue to write and reach out to people, so I feel like I still get the best of both worlds. I really, truly, deeply appreciate everyone who reads because the blog is something that is a huge part of my life happiness :)

I’m kind of idealizing it right now, but the night before I start 3 more years of school I need more hope than reality.

And so another journey begins over at Run, Eat, Repeat. Never a dull moment.

Oh, and I am also starting a new part time job today.

You can sleep when you’re dead.

Thank you for reading.




  1. says

    CONGRATS on your decision to go back to school! I think that’s great, and I think you’d be wonderful as an RD. I also did my undergrad in Communication (Media Studies) and started out with hopes for journalism, which were also quickly squashed. It’s certainly a tough market to crack. In any case, I think this is a great new start for you and look forward to hearing more!

  2. says

    HOW EXCITING!!!! This is fantastic to hear!! Congrats on the life changing decision. You will make an excellent RD someday and good luck getting back into the whole school thing. It’s never easy no matter how old you are! 😉

  3. says

    Life takes us in so many different directions. I think it is really cool that you know of something else you want to do! My job plans didn’t pan out and I feel lost as to what I’d want to do. Every thing I can think of feels like the complete wrong fit. All I know that I do want is to have kids. I just didn’t know we would be here, still trying for over three years now.

    Hmm, I’m more lost than I thought!

  4. says

    This is so exciting! I have to say how much I admire this decision and I’ve toyed with education decisions lately myself. I know how complicated it can be…but I think you are brave and strong to take on this new challenge. Can’t wait to follow along. :)

  5. says

    Good luck, Monica!
    This is very exciting news. An RD with a journalism degree might be a good combo. It’s exciting to see where life takes us.
    Best wishes!

  6. says

    Good luck and congrats! I know it was a probably a tough and exciting choice, and I’m excited to hear about it! I am also starting grad school to change careers. (Going from a CPA to a speech pathologist.)

  7. says

    In a perfect world, you and I would be in the same class and we would be the 2 biggest class clowns together.
    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll knock them all dead 😉

  8. says

    hi there! i love your blog, and i’ve been creepin’ it for a little while, but for this post i thought i would come out and say hi.

    congrats on your decision to go back to school and become an RD!

  9. says

    I always thought something like this would be coming… awesome news!!
    So am I right in thinking you’ll be tackling full time work, part time work AND school? That’s going to be one hell of a challenge but completely worth it.

  10. Maren says

    Congrats on a new job AND going back to school!! If you are going to be doing something the rest of your life, you might as well LOVE it, right? Right. So good luck to you! By the way, my boyfriend started school today too and we’ve both been singing that song ALL DAY!! haha weird!

  11. Ella says

    Congrats Monica!! I did the same thing after getting my BA in anthropology and then working in PR for 3 years. I then decided to become an RD, which also required an entire year of science pre-reqs before entering a 1.5 yr DPD. I am in my last semester and thinking about the dietetic internship… preferably in Southern Cali, your neck of the woods and where my husband is from! (we currently live in NYC.) If you want to reach me, i think you can see my email address as owner of the blog… it’s good to have people in the same situation to talk with :)

  12. says

    From one journalism grad to the next – congratulations on making the decision to pursue something you LOVE that gives you the same positive feelings that journalism does. Best of luck!!

  13. Elliott says

    Congrats on the new adventure. I am majoring in dietetics and understand all of the pre-reqs and stuff! After 3 years I changed my major from Music Education to Dietetics and also transferred to another college. As you can imagine the Fine Arts and Science majors don’t overlap much so I had a lot of catching up to do. I am a junior now and finally on the road to graduation, even if it will have taken me six years! Haha At least I will be happy and enjoy what I’m doing!

  14. Ashley C says

    Wow! That is so exciting, Monica! I am going to school to become an RD too. Last year I just finished my year of pre-req science classes that you probably have to take and I’m sure you’re expecting it, but it’s a killer… all those science classes made me question if it was what I truly want to do. They are no joke, but this year I finally get to start nutrition classes and cooking labs and I am SO excited. I can see you being a great RD, just remember the big picture when you get frustrated with your studying. Good luck, I know you’ll do amazing!

  15. says

    Woosh! You are all kinds of busy! Good for you for taking a leap of faith though. As someone on the verge of entering the real world/job market, I feel your pain. The job market blows. But at least now you can follow your passion.
    Congratulations on your next big adventure!

  16. says

    Oh my goodness! I am so entirely excited for you. I think that’s a great move! Journalism is wonderful but the industry is so tough right now. And I think you will love being an RD! Go you, Monica! Miss you!

  17. says

    Wish you luck! But congrats on making the decision! I’m indecisive and i think i would’ve taken years to make that sorta decision!

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