You know what day it is…

Pinata Party Time!

Just kidding, it’s Mexican Meatless Monday!

Are you going Meatless today??

Or Mexican?

Or both???

It may or may not also be Margarita Monday as I am starting both new school and a new job today. My stomach is in knots…

Make it a great Monday :)

Question: Margarita – blended or on the rocks?

I always go blended. Mango flavor if available.


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    I forgot about meatless Monday, but I did make a mexican dish last night to eat tonight. I’ll do meatless later this week to compensate.

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    I’m all about the rocks! I have some form of Mexican food way too many times a week. 😉 After eating it all weekend, I’m craving Thai noodles. So I fail on Mexican Meatless Monday. Next time for sure! :)

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    Blended, especially passionfruit flavored!

    I’m a post late, but I just wanted to say how excited I am for you about starting school! I’m in the exact same position as you and I start next Monday! It will be nice to have another blogger to compare experiences with.

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    I’m meatless every day, but I actually did go out for Mexican last night!

    I’m not a fan of margaritas, but I had a lovely sweet rum drink last night. Soo good!

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