Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday

How many M’s can I get into a title? Well, I stopped at four because I wanted to title this post: “Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday with Monica” but I thought that would be too much.IMG 0713 thumb Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday

Well, I survived. IMG 0703 thumb Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday

Today was my first day of school and my first day of my new part time job. I never mentioned it, but I ended up leaving my previous part time job for personal reasons.

So this morning I packed up my purse, my camera bag, lunch bad and my backpack and headed to work and then school. I was super nervous! So much new stuff in one day made my stomach unhappy. But, it wasn’t so bad after all.

I started the day with a 5 miler to help get my jitters out. And it did icon smile Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday I love running.

Then, I threw together a quick yogurt bowl – in the mix: yogurt, vitatop, chia seeds, banana, blubes and almond butter. A lot of almond butterIMG 0694 thumb Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday

This breakfast needed to last me until 1pm so I piled it on. Yum!IMG 0696 thumb Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday

I left work at 1pm and had a quick lunch photo shoot on top of my car. What? Not everyone busts out their lunch and a SLR to take pictures of food in the middle of the parking lot? Okay. I’m the weird one.IMG 0697 thumb Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday

Lunch: Yogurt, cereal, leftover chickpea Asian slaw from last night, Fiber One bar and an apple. I left the apple and ate the rest.IMG 0699 thumb Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday

I also packed my favorite energy bar in a baggie = AB&J plus bell pepper strings and carrots to eat during class. My Monday/Wednesday class is Chemistry. It has a lab both days and is a 4 hour class with one 10 minute break. Snacks will be required.IMG 0701 thumb Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday

When I walked out of class I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. It is going to be a lot of work, and I have another class with a lab tomorrow, but I will be okay icon smile Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday Or at least I have to keep telling myself that.

As I was tweeting earlier – Mexican Meatless Monday was transformed into Margarita Monday in honor of my first day of school. I need to find Bethany’s skinny girl margarita ingredients because every margie mix at the store has HFCS.

Finally I just picked one and called it a night.IMG 0711 thumb Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday

I tried this new product I thought might be “Mexican-ish” – meatless Jalapeno Cheddar hot dogs gourmet sausage. Save your money, I wasn’t a fan. They were super salty (and I am not one to ever complain about too much salt).IMG 0705 thumb Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday

I chopped them up and served it on a bed of broccoli, beans and salsa.IMG 0706 thumb Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday

Served with a few too many chips. But, chips and margaritas are just meant to be together icon wink Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday IMG 0708 thumb Mexican Meatless Margarita Monday Now I’m going to go through some emails and start studying. I already had a quiz coming up next week! Anyone know any tricks to memorize the elements?

I think I see a bowl of watermelon in my future…


  1. Ella says

    theres actually a song to memorize the elements, i’m sure you can find it on youtube! its a little fast but its pretty entertaining. ohh chemistry. not my favorite class at all, i’m signed up for organic chem in the fall :(
    good luck with classes and the new part time job! thats so exciting!

  2. Meg says

    I agree…flashcards! It’s quick and efficient, and you’ll come up with little tricks to remember them as you go through.

  3. says

    My girlfriend and I made our own skinnygirls on Saturday. (Funny, that didn’t make the blog)

    Here’s what we used
    *1 shot tequila
    *1/4-1/2 c. Trader Joe’s low calorie lemonade
    *1/4-1/2 c. Trader Joe’s lime flavored sparkling water
    *stevia to taste

    It was stone cold bitchin’ (I told you I was bring that saying back).

    Do it! (the margaritas and the phrase)

  4. says

    Congrats on your first day!!! It’s funny, when we were little, we use to come home and celebrate the 1st day of school with some cookies and milk. Now, we’ve advanced to margaritas! :) Some things never change, only get better with age. ;)

  5. says

    I recently got those chips, Food Should Taste good. I have tried the Lime (they were on sale at Whole Foods) and I used them in a taco salad. I have the sweet potato kind but haven’t opened them yet. I can’t wait! Btw, sounds like a nice day at school and at work!

  6. says

    I’m impressed with your busy schedule and food planning! Keep up the good work. Starting classes + a new job can be overwhelming but you are going to do great!

  7. Jen says

    I adore margaritas but HATE the prepackaged mixes (nasty ingredients and too sweet), so I make my own margs! I use 1.5 oz tequila (better to use the good stuff here), 1 oz orange liquor, and the juice of a lime on the rocks. Now, fair warning, this sucker is STRONG (you only need one…thumbs up!), so I usually let the ice melt a little so it mellows out. When my mom’s around, I add a squirt of simple syrup to hers (maybe a Tbsp?) to sweeten it up for her as she’s not quite the tequila fiend that I am. :P You should try it; it’s my favorite drink ever.

  8. Lisa says

    I love your lunch bag! Where did you get it? I have to go from breakfast until 1pm without a snack (I teach and can’t quite break out food w/o sharing!) and need a big bag like that!

    BTW, great first day at everything! Especially waiting for the margarita – I may have needed one in the morning!

  9. says

    Try memorizing the elements by group. You can also try to find a blank periodic table and just practice filling it in. That plus flash cards was what got me through. Congrats on your first day back to school!

  10. says

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