Surprising Hunger

I usually am not hungry the day of my long run. The day after I am a bottomless pit, but the actual day of the run I usually eat just because I feel “empty”.

My RD and my research has shown that this is pretty common as running can diminish hunger signals. That is normally the case with me on long run days, but today I am for real.

Shortly after breakfast I snacked on chips and salsa until Ben was back from errands for lunch. Since I didn’t make a SIAB for breakfast I wanted one for lunch.

But, instead of a Smoothie In A Bowl I made a Smoothie in a Cantaloupe!

IMG_0808 In the Mix: vanilla greek yogurt, ice, spinach, frozen banana, almond milk and xanthan gum. Topped with granola. IMG_0807

Truth be told I cannot remember what my afternoon snack was, but I’m sure I had something since I was HUNGRY all day. Weirdest thing.

Dinner came early, like early bird special early– peanut noodles over broccoli.IMG_0811

But, an early dinner means there is plenty of time and room for dessert! We of course hit up Yogurtland aka the Happiest Place on Earth 2.0.IMG_0814

I get a little of my favorite yogurt flavors and then go to town with the toppings. Ben went topping-less and I am judging him for that right now. Who does that?IMG_0816

Now we are cuddling up to watch a movie, so I must go.

Question: Are you usually hunger the day of a run or the day after?

Until today it was ALWAYS the day after. Random right?


  1. says

    Definitely day of, I rationalize that I burnt the calories and therefore deserve the food so that I have energy. Cantalope bowl looks yummy!

  2. says

    No toppings? Come on Ben, that’s the whole point!

    I hate that random “empty” feeling after eating. I didn’t realize it could be me not feeling my own hunger cues. I just like feeling satisfied!

  3. says

    I definitely get hungry the day after a run. I have been trying to eat more on the day of the run, so I can avoid the “eat everything in sight” feeling I seem to get. Now that I’m running more than I ever have before, my appetite is certifiably crazy.

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    For me, it’s definitely day of. I am like an insatiable beast after a long run. It’s crazy. I am sort of keeping a food diary so it doesn’t get out of control. I gained 8 pounds training for my first marathon in May!

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    I am ALWAYS famished the day after. I did Hood to Coast this weekend and yesterday I felt like my stomach was a bottomless pit. I could not eat enough food to satisfy me. :(

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