Dog Walk

I love walking the dogs. Well, they love it too, but I don’t really know who appreciates it more :) If I could wag my tail when I hear the leashes jingle I would too. IMG_0005

After a lazy morning and some homework in the afternoon I headed to my mom’s for a visit. I love that I don’t have to take a cross country flight to see my family now. Even if my little brother cons me into convinces me to buy a bunch of candy bars for his soccer fundraiser and I cancel out my walk with melted off-brand Peanut Butter cups. (Is it weird that I capitalize Peanut Butter? Not to me.)

I drove over and took a nice stroll with my dogs and my mom.

Before the family visit I made a big ol’ orange lunch. Half of my plate was orange!

The orange: cantaloupe, carrots and Food Should Taste Good Cheddar ChipsIMG_0829

It’s a mystery wrap. I couldn’t cut it in half because it was overstuffed and I could barely keep it together as it is! And I’m a master of wrapping too, so this thing was a challenge.IMG_0830

What’s inside? TJ’s Spicy Egg White salad. I love this stuff, but I really need to boil some eggs and make my own egg salad. IMG_0835

Dinner Time!

My mom and I came back from our walk and began to make chicken, mashed potatoes (by me) and stuffing (also me). But then my brother said he ordered pizza.While we finished cooking what we started, I opted to eat the pizza. No contest.

Two pieces of mushroom pizza and broccoli to keep me honest 😉 IMG_0838

*Plus Ben’s crust, because that’s the best part!

Dessert – TJ’s Dark Chocolate Edamame. These things are amazing and I love that I can justify eating too many of them because they have protein. IMG_0840

…and so another weekend must come to a close :(

I’m sad that it’s over, but this time next week I will be on an island in the sun. That’s good motivation to get through the week, right?!


  1. Lived in Wien! says

    I don’t think the PB cups cancel out your walk! I think that is Diet Mentality shouting right there. There are so many other positive reasons for exercising besides burning calories… it strengthens your bones, gives you positive endorfins, it’s great for your heart, etc.! Unhook weight loss from exercise. (I’m giving this pep talk to myself as well as you!!) :) Blessings!

  2. says

    I’ve put that edamame in and out of my cart a dozen times. And now you’ve inspired me to leave it in there. Curse you.

    Okay, so I’m waiting to send a mass email about the Disney meetup until I hear when/if you can make it on Friday. No pressure. You are just a major priority. Also think about Saturday if Friday is a no go.

  3. says

    I am sure it must be so nice to be so close to your family now. I think I take this for granted because as close as I live to my parents, I feel like I hardly ever see them. You just reminded me that I need more walks with my mom! 😉

  4. says

    Peanut Butter should definitely be capitalized. As should Ice Cream, Cookies, Cake, Pizza, Mashed Potatoes, etc. Pretty sure there’s a rule about it.

    What does the Dark Chocolate Edamame taste like? Can you tell you are secretly eating edamame?

  5. says

    LOVE egg white salad! I make my own b/c there are no TJ’s in Texas. :( I think it’s perfectly acceptable and should probably be grammatically correct to capitalize Peanut Butter. Like French Toast.

  6. says

    I love Trader Joe’s and their array of chocolates. I haven’t tried the dark chocolate edamame yet though! YUM. I bought some dark chocolate wedges since they are 30 calories per wedge thinking it’d be good for portioning out. It totally isn’t. So addicting. I might have to switch to the edamame, protein power!

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