Back To The Scene of The Crime


I am notorious for returning to the scene of the crime. If I did something fun, but oh-so-wrong, then just wait for me to return. This goes for races, ex-boyfriends and decadent food. Today I am coming clean and admitting that after class I made a pit stop for a treat (part of my $10 weekly allowance). I went back to Black Forest Bakery for a scone. Specifically, I went back … [Read more...]

September Challenge


Way back in January I decided to make 2010 my healthiest year yet by incorporating a healthy (or happy) habit each month. I think I forgot about August, but we’ll let that slide since I just did the whole cross country move and all. Because Ben and I just moved and are fixing up our place, plus I’m only working part time and going back to school… our expenses need to be … [Read more...]