Baked Beans On Salad

I made sweet potatoes for Ben and myself to go with dinner, but as soon as they were done I realized what I was really craving was a big salad. So, I saved the sweet potato for tomorrow and opted to throw my baked beans on salad.IMG 0933 thumb Baked Beans On Salad

I used this can of vegetarian baked beans I got on sale today at Albertson’s. IMG 0931 thumb Baked Beans On Salad

And chopped up a few TJ’s Soy Chicken Nuggets too. IMG 0932 thumb Baked Beans On SaladI do have to note that the TJ’s romaine I used was disgustingly dirty and needed to be washed with extra care because there were bugs in it. A lot of bugs. And dirt. But mostly bugs. Let’s just say I got some extra protein in this meal.

No dressing needed because the baked beans are in a sweet sauce and I added ketchup and mustard. IMG 0936 thumb Baked Beans On Salad

Served with a handful of Terra chipsIMG 0939 thumb Baked Beans On Salad

After my chocolate chip scone mid-morning snack I decided my afternoon snack should be as healthy as possible. I used organic cottage cheese and topped it with strawberries for a whole foods snack icon smile Baked Beans On Salad IMG 0930 thumb Baked Beans On Salad

But then, since my afternoon snack was so healthy I decided I could have ice cream topped with crumbled scone for an after dinner snack. Yes, it was Heavenly. IMG 0940 thumb Baked Beans On Salad

And because it’s Thursday…I’d thought I’d do

Three Things Thursday:

Three Things I’m Currently Obsessed with:

1. Tums eaten as candy

2. Jersey Shore

3. Crunching ice

I really should be ashamed of all of the above.

Three Things I’m Looking Forward To:

1. My vacation!!!

2. The Long Beach Mary

3. Cake on Ben’s birthday
vacation twitter tweet getaway farewell ecard someecards Baked Beans On Salad

Three Other Places I Want To Go Before I Die:

1. Africa

2. Australia and/or the island from LOST

3. Galapagos Islands

Question: Where do you have to go before you die?

One more thing… Reader Michelle is raising money for Team In Training. You can check out her story and fundraising page here.

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  1. says

    OMG, I totally dry heaved reading about bugs in the salad. That is disgusting! I don’t even think I could eat anything after seeing that. But I have the WORST aversion to bugs, which is the main reason I tend to refuse to eat outside.

    But anyway, before I die I’d love to go back and visit Champery, Switzerland again. I went over 10 years ago and it was the most beautiful place I have ever been!

  2. says

    I love vacations!! I am actually marking one of my bucket list in december. I am going to Australia/New Zealand for Christmas and New Years on a cruise that hits the coastlines of both countries. I can’t wait!

  3. says

    My dream is to vacation in Australia and New Zealand.

    I love Tums, too…but the Adora discs are taking over right now! I think I need to return to Tums. My chocoholism is in raging.

  4. says

    Ooh! So many places!
    I want to hike the Grand Canyon, peruse much of California, eat gelato in Italy, go BACK to Israel, and visit each state.
    I love to travel,though, and really, I would like to go just about anywhere.

  5. says

    Love Jersey Shore too, although my husband thinks I’m weird! I’ve been to Europe and have always wanted to go to Asia, so when my brother got an internship in Hong Kong for next Fall my mom and and I are already planning to go!

  6. Julie says

    Hey Sis-in-law! I notice you’ve been eating ice a lot lately? or so I’ve been told…by you…on your blog. That can be a sign of iron deficiency. I just heard about this a week or so ago and though it’s not known exactly why people who are iron deficient often crave ice to chew on, they do. Odd fact. Also, tums as candy seems like a good idea but the antacid over time interferes with digestion. Your stomach will begin producing more and more acid to compensate, leading to nasty things like heartburn.
    We’ve also jumped on the Jersey Shore bandwagon. It’s like watching children play. Those people are awesomely ridiculous.

  7. says

    I love someecards! I just left one on my boyfriend’s facebook because it was our first year anniversary. It said something like “I can’t believe we’ve tolerated each other this long”. My family thinks I’m terrible but someecards can say the things I don’t know how. :P

    Also, I am always amazed by your food creations.

    Also, also, I would love to visit Tokyo before I die.

  8. says

    Tums, Jersey Shore, AND ice are my favorite things, too! I love plain, shaved ice (like a snowcone but with no syrup…I also love snowcones).

    One of my friends recently took a trip around the world, and I would like to do that sometime.

  9. linds says

    ew i cant believe there were bugs and it was dirty. thats disgusting, no way i would eat that afterwards haha but the salad looks yum

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