20 Miles and a Cookie


20 miles in 3:01:12 Looks like I am totally on pace to PR!!! Before my run I fueled up with AB&J And I packed up Gatorade, some chews and a fig cookie I got yesterday at Whole Foods. The cookie didn’t work as well as I wanted because it was super dry and hard to eat. Next time I’ll stick to chewies or try something else. My run started out great! I love going … [Read more...]

Fun Facts Friday


Hello Friends, and welcome to Fun Facts Friday :) I didn’t take pics of my food because I got a juice from WF and it made me full. Until my stomach realized that was just filler and I got super hungry and ate the entire kitchen before I realized I A.) have a blog where I’m supposed to document my eats and B.) am not the Tasmanian Devil and should not eat like I am. Well, … [Read more...]