Off To Curacao


Ben and I are currently en route to Curacao!  This trip is to celebrate our honeymoon and Ben’s birthday. It’s our honeymooniversary :) We went on our first honeymoon to Belize this same week last year. This post recaps our last year together. It was super crazy, but fun. We definitely grew together in the process. We don’t exchange presents, but plan trips instead. … [Read more...]

Is It Breakfast?


Is it still considered breakfast if you didn’t sleep? Or is this just dinner #2? Ben and I took the red-eye from L.A. to Miami. He slept. He always sleeps. I bet he’s sleeping right now actually. I slept a little, but not nearly enough. And now we’re in the Miami airport waiting for our next flight. I finally tracked down a Starbucks and scored breakfast (if that’s what … [Read more...]

Dinner Before We Go


Ben and I had dinner at my mom’s to celebrate his birthday before we left. They are also taking us to the airport so it worked out well :) Before we headed to my family we were running around like crazy people trying to pack and find our bathing suits that were still packed from the move. At some point I had a sweet potato, salad and some bunny graham cookies. My mom made … [Read more...]