How To Cook Pinto Beans


Hello, and welcome to another round of Mexican Meatless Monday! I am your host, Monica “the Mexican” Olivas. Today we will be learning how to cook beans. Growing up, we always ate pinto beans. They were either in the fridge or on the stove at all times. We had them as a side dish or as the main part of our meal, like in bean burritos, regularly for dinner. I can clearly … [Read more...]

Greetings From Curacao


We made it! It was a very long trip to get here, but we finally made. I forgot how rough red eye flights can be on your body. Even after running 20 miles Saturday morning I wasn’t able to completely knock out on the plane. But, I was semi-productive over the long layover in Miami. I worked on RER a bit :) It makes me happy. Since we were there so long we got empanadas for … [Read more...]