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It’s hard not to look at magazines and famous people and avoid comparing yourself. But it doesn’t have to be a completely horrible thing when you find healthy body role models.

I have “fitness idols” that I aspire to be more like. For example, I love Venus and Serena Williams. These are two ladies I adore because of their bodies and athletic accomplishments.

I love their strong, defined bodies. I want to look like them, move like them and carry myself like them. venuswilliams thumb Fitness Idol

I think I have a similar body type as these girls and know that with some a lot of work I can be just as defined. But, unlike the more naturally thin females in magazines, I am not chasing an unrealistic fantasy by wanting to be more like the Williams sisters. I love that I have two amazing women I can aspire to be more like. And I love that I feel like they own it. They own their athleticism, their bodies and their confidence. They exude success and I love it.

Serena was injured couldn’t play in the US open this year. But she’ll be back. SerenaWilliams thumb Fitness Idol

I also adore Paula Radcliffe and Kara Goucher – both of whom happen to be pregnant and still running! I hope to be one tenth as amazing when I’m preggers icon smile Fitness Idol IMG 1051 thumb Fitness Idol I just wish Runner’s World would have put them on the cover – running belly and all… IMG 1052 thumb Fitness Idol

Breakfast – oats in the jar. This is great for me to eat on the road. A jar of oats is easier to hold in one hand as I drive. IMG 1053 thumb Fitness IdolNot that I do that… IMG 1054 thumb Fitness Idol Run: 4 miles to get the soreness out. I feel super tight and really need to stretch though.


Question: Who is your fitness idol?

I also look up to female runners – especially Mom runners icon smile Fitness Idol

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  1. Maren says

    People like you are my inspiration Monica! You are a running machine AND you admit that you aren’t perfect. I love reading blogs because you girls are all REAL! You have an awesome body already, but it’s great that you are stepping out of your norm and starting to do more strength training! That’s awesome! I hope to one day run like you!

  2. says

    i agree that i wish those pregger runners were on the cover. that would be an amazing message. i don’t really know if i look up to any one fitness wise per se. except that i LOVE a comeback story or an so that anyone who fits that bill works for me no matter what kind of fitness level they ‘re at

  3. says

    Thanks for the post! Man I need to find a good fitness idol – I usually just pick out women as I run that I would like to aspire to. Not that I am “checking them out,” I just see women with my build that are in great shape and it inspires me. I think I got over the skinny girl syndrome a few years ago (although it comes back once in a while).

  4. says

    I totally agree with you about the Williams’ sisters. I hope my girls have strong role models like them as they are growing up!

    I tend to draw inspiration from fitness models like Jamie Eason. These women are strong, not skinny, and since I can’t run so much, I admire their heavy weights/lighter cardio approach!

  5. says

    I can’t believe those women run pregnant. Even when I’m not pregnant, I want to stay home, put my feet up, eat peanut butter and pickles and watch lifetime.

    Michael Phelps is probably my fitness idol(and the reason I started running)

  6. ida says

    I’m a big justine Henin fan. She’s short and still such a great player. I also admire any woman I see at the gym doing real pull ups!

  7. Amanda says

    I loved that issue of runners world! I totally agree: they should have been on the cover. I’ve adored Gabrielle Reece since I was 12 : )

  8. says

    The Williams Sisters are definitely on my list. I love how muscular they are and they are awesome athletes–and not concerned about being “skinny.”

  9. says

    I didn’t know they were pregnant! They are both amazing fitness idols! I think that my fitness idols are people that I see around town exercising on a daily basis. It’s the mom jogging with the double strolled, or the 90 year old couple I see swimming laps at the pool or the kids at the skate park wearing helmets and practicing their little hearts out. These are the people that motivate me to get my butt in gear and workout.

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