Life Lessons from a Long Run


My 20 mile long run this morning was rough :( I had to pee at mile 6… my stomach started hurting around mile 8… the “random” on my phone is not random at all and played Incubus so many times I finally stopped running dug my phone out and deleted the song all together… I picked a bad route and ended up having to go uphill for too long around mile 16 (read” walk)… and I … [Read more...]

It’s Not Fair


It’s not fair that I get to go to two different fairs this year – The O.C. Fair (that I attended last month) and the L.A. County Fair that I went to today :)  My mom, little brother and I hit the fair this afternoon. My mom read about a special deal where if you bring 5 cans of food to donate to the LA Food Bank you get in free. A good cause and a free ticket? Sign me … [Read more...]