Hello Old Friend

Unfortunately, lately I’ve been super busy and neglecting old friends because of this :(

In this case my old friend is my foam roller. I haven’t used it at all since we moved in June! What makes it worse is June through September has included all of my marathon training – the time when I should use the foam roller most of all. Fail Monica, fail. IMG_1676

Well, my IT band has been screaming for some foam roller action and I finally gave myself a few minutes today to roll around with it. I kinda had to, my legs were not having my 6 mile run today and I cut it a bit short for some self love.

I need to get back to doing this a few times a week – not just once in four months! That’s added to the list of things I need to add to my new and improved schedule – coming soon

It’s official, I am over marathon training. It’s very rare that I can’t motivate myself for a midweek run. Usually not wanting to run is either

1.) Body fatigue or

2.) Metal fatigue

– but at the end of marathon or half marathon training it’s really both and very hard to overcome. At least I’m almost there!

Today is Waffle Wednesday, so breakfast was easy. (I’m still having the worst time deciding what to make each morning.)IMG_1669

I topped my waffles with almond butter, a banana, chia seeds and some syrup. Waffle Wednesday never does me wrong :)


Question: What nice thing are you doing for yourself today?


  1. says

    I’m with you on the foam roller. Mine has just been sitting in the corner for the last month. No matter how hard I stare at it it’s not going to help unless I actually use it. I’m going to set aside some time tonight to give my foam roller the lovin’ it deserves;)

  2. says

    Hi Monica! I am glad you included a little bit about the good ole foam roller today :) It really is a good friend to have, but boy does it bring the pain…haha! I always feel better after I use it on my IT bands; however, sometimes it is hard to get motivated to do something that you know hurts initially!

  3. says

    I also spent some time with my foam roller this morning – it is amazing how much of an impact it has! My legs feel so much better.

    I also schedule myself an eyebrow wax appointment for tomorrow – tomorrow when I have 2 eyebrows again, I will be quite happy.

  4. says

    My foam roller is my best and worst friend. We have such a love/hate relationship. I love him when I use it regularly, but when I stray and try to come back, he punishes me severely! But it just hurts so good that I keep coming back for more. 😉

    Have you tried overnight oats for breakfast? I know you don’t care for oatmeal but the cold stuff tastes like cookie dough. You should give it a try.

  5. says

    How far away is the marathon? Training is EXHAUSTING. While I may be sad and bummed out that an injury is keeping me from running for 6 weeks now…I’m sort of glad for the break. I trained for the Hood to Coast Relay race for a year. A year of training. Mentally and physically exhausted!

  6. says

    I have a foam roller, but never use it. However, I have been using one at my gym quite religiously and I’ve noticed a difference. I don’t know why I’ll use it there, but never use the one that I have constant access to.

  7. says

    Oh, girl I can relate. Not about the foam rolling (if I give that up for 2 days my legs are screaming ), but about the mental and physical fatigue that come at the end of training.
    I am just 10 days shy of my 1st half-marathon and I am struggling to get out the door. At the beginning of all of this I was so excited for training runs. Now, midweek session are annoying and inconvenient. I won’t lie though, I still relish the thought of my long run. I anticipate it all week because it is the time when I really get to push myself and work through the mental and physical barriers.

    I read your blog often, and I know you have a lot on your plate right now. I admire you for going back to school and juggling the real world simultaneously. I imagine it is exhausting. I just wanted you to know I think you are doing a great job! :) Have a great day!

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    i was just thinking about how i need to foam roll my hams. happy waffle wednesday! yours look good. today i am going to pick a shitload of peaches from a tree. that’s something for myself. for my belly.

  9. Alyssa says

    Taking 5 minutes out of my 12 hour workday (including a meeting during my 20 minute lunch!) to read your blog and give myself a mental break!

  10. says

    I haven’t been foam rolling enough lately and I’m starting to feel the effects. I wish I could say I’m too busy, but really, I’m too lazy. After running, stretching, and the whole bit, I just don’t feel like!

    Your post made me dust it off and roll around. Much better!

  11. Ron says

    Monica, your first photo illustrates one of the problems with the cheap foam rollers — they break down quickly and become less and less effective. Consider replacing it with a RumbleRoller (rumbleroller.com), which works better and lasts forever.

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