Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl

When I went to pick up my blood test results I felt snacky, but not hungry. I decided to bring along a bag of carrots to get the “chew” out of my system.

IMG 3744 thumb Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl

My breakfast was super big, so lunch was delayed until almost 3pm. I knew I wanted a sweet potato, but wasn’t sure what to have with it. IMG 3750 thumb Cinnamon Apple Granola BowlEnter: my favorite meal these days – salad with chickpeas, cranberry gorgonzola dressing and extra gorgonzola on top. IMG 3749 thumb Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl


All together now wlEmoticon smile Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl 

IMG 3756 thumb Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl

Oh, I forgot about dessert! IMG 3757 thumb Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl

I really wanted to finish off that Frog Hollow Farm granola for dinner/in general/because it’s amazing. This stuff has just been calling my name since I tried it. I decided to make that the highlight of dinner.

But first, green beans for some veggies…IMG 3759 thumb Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl

I microwaved an apple with cinnamon and a sprinkle of agave nectar…IMG 3761 thumb Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl

and layered it on a bowl of cottage cheese. Finally, top with granola and be prepared to fall in love with this bowl of wonderful. IMG 3767 thumb Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl

Ben came home with flowers because he is the best husband ever. I didn’t bring any vases from MD, so we weren’t sure what to do with them!IMG 3771 thumb Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl

Finally, I realized that we had to use an empty wine bottle. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we didn’t have one wlEmoticon sadsmile Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl

So, we had to drink a whole bottle of wine to make a vase. It may be the wine talking, but they are Gorgeous! IMG 3777 thumb Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl

Since we were doing the whole “wine thing” tonight we also opened the dessert wine I got from my trip to Los Olivos. IMG 3773 thumb Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl

Fact: Dessert wine requires dark chocolate. Can you see me in the mirror? IMG 3775 thumb Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl

We are going to spend the rest of the night watching movies and snuggling. I’ve never seen Leaving Las Vegas and have been wanting to see if for a while. Which brings me to Ben’s Comment of the Day:

Ben: “If I wanted to drink myself to death, would you let me?”

Me: “I already do. I let you drink whole milk.”

Note: I came home to a gallon of whole milk in the fridge to go with his chocolate chip cookies. If it wasn’t so cute, I’d lecture him on animal fats.

I’ve got to go spend some time with my Grizzly Bear  now wlEmoticon smile Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl


  1. Jennifer says

    I do the same thing with carrots, except I buy the huge ones and carry them around with me. This post made me really want some wine…I have to get on that asap!

  2. says

    hey monica! i’m sorry we never got a chance to meet this weekend – i saw you everywhere but never was able to introduce myself. hope the blood tests went well – i have been having a ton of them lately (for prediabetes and cholesterol) and they’re never fun. where in socal are you?!

  3. says

    I love the wine bottle vase! What a cute solution.

    The flowers are gorgeous – I love fresh flowers – although I would rather get a cookie from my husband! The fastest way to my heart is through my stomach.

  4. says

    Those flowers are beautiful. What a great guy you have!
    I won’t let my husband drink whole milk, because I’m mean like that! Actually, what I tell him is that if he eats a whole lot of high fat foods and doesn’t keep his cholesterol in check, *I’M* the one who will have to care for him (and worry incessantly) when he needs coronary bypass surgery. Believe me, I’m not a cheerful nursemaid. :)

  5. Sandi D. says

    Hey Monica! I’m a new reader and absolutely love your blog – funny, cute, and informative. Keep up the good work! I just thought I might give you a suggestion on how to spruce up a plain sweet potato. Post work-out I bake a whole sweet potato or cut one up in cubes and steam it. Then I add cinnamon and olive oil – or if I don’t feel like olive oil, I add some coconut oil. Trust me, it is fantastic!

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