Confession Thursday–Part 5

I either wear too much make-up or no makeup at all.

I prefer the “too much” look any day of the week, but I’m too lazy to bother 90% of the time. IMG_3560

I am currently blogging with hair mayonnaise in my hair.

The only food I share with my pets is canned salmon or tuna with my cat and the occasional splash of milk. IMG_3782

I am a very messy eater, but don’t take the time to properly clean myself after a meal, unlike other residents of this condo. IMG_3788

I eat my sandwiches open face so I can taste the insides better. IMG_3793

Okay, that’s only partly true – it’s so I can have dessert after Smile


I finally have an appreciation for the fruit that’s shaped like me. IMG_3791

I after watching the documentary, The Bridge (about the popular suicide location the Golden Gate bridge), I am both obsessed and terrified of the GG bridge. IMG_3584

I still haven’t finalized my marathon training program because I wanted to add nutrition aspects to it and am not motivated to make any changes.

I regret signing up for a half marathon this weekend.

Anyone else have anything to confess?


  1. says

    hair mayonaise? I hope thats not what i think it is…ha

    and I LOVED The Bridge. Heartbreaking but so interesting. I think Id be scared to visit in fear Id see something happen.

    Happy Thursday!

  2. says

    When I’m bored, I hum or sign “Jingle Bells” to myself, no matter what time of year. I am sure it’s really annoying to everyone around me.

    If I could, I’d eat dessert for every meal.

    If I could not exercise and be thin, I might actually not exercise. Not sure about that one though.

  3. rkbry says

    I do not regret signing up for a half this weekend: it’s called the “Wine Vine Run.” There better be lots of wine at the finish line. I confess I will act like a huge grump if there is not.

  4. says

    I wish I hadn’t signed up for 3 halfs and. 2nd marathon before I ran my first. I am now injured as a result of marathon #1 and may not be able to race. Thus ~$300 down the drain :(

  5. says

    I’m eating a Totino’s Party Pizza for dinner because I wanted pizza & it’s my favorite. And I’ll probably eat the whole thing… because that’s what I do. And I bailed on happy hour with my friends so I could sit at home and eat pizza.

    There is my confession of the night. :)

    • Zuzanka says

      I bailed on happy hour with friends tonight too..but because I have a giant cold sore on my mouth. Tragic and disgusting :)

  6. says

    I rarely wear anything other than workout clothes. I just figure exercise is going to happen at some point during the day, so why not make a little less laundry.
    Plus this allows me to wear black stretch bottoms and call them “workout clothes” while all the other girls on campus walk around in cotton see-through leggings with their butts hanging out.
    Total double standard, but it works.

  7. says

    My confession is that I am the clumsiest person on the planet. I drop things, cut myself, run into walls, fall over, lose my balance…I’m just a total klutz.

  8. says

    When I go to the grocery store, I always but some ridiculous snack and eat it before I even get home. I mean, the five minute ride can get congested. I need a carrot cake Larabar to tide me over.

  9. says

    All I can think about is marriage and babies! I’m twenty-two, do not plan to marry for at least five more years (or 8, according to my bf), and never want to birth a child, but I still can’t get the topics out of my mind!

  10. s says

    all (?) i’ve eaten today are pears, trail mix, luna bars, and bagels. left to my own devices i could probably subsist on these items.

    also … KITTY! aaah. cuteness. perhaps my confession is that i’m a cat lady.

  11. marie says

    My name is Marie, and I have a problem with orange veggies. If I roast a pan of sweet potatoes, I WILL eat the whole pan before the end of the evening. If I make pumpkin custard or pie, I will eat an ungodly amount. I have no problem going through a whole can of pumpkin in one day (pumpkin oats, yogurt, mini custards…).

    I fear that I will soon turn orange from the extreme amount of betacarotene in my diet. I am very short, so this would make me bear an unfortunate resemblance to an oompa loompa. Orange kittehs are adorable. Orange people, not so much. :-0 Yet, despite this knowledge, I still cannot resist the siren song of the sweet potatoes and pumpkin.

  12. says

    Good luck in your half!!

    My confession… I”d have to say that even though I’m the “tiny one” in my department I’m still the only one considering splurging on spanx before slipping into my dress for the christmas party! Vanity! Eek!

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