Confession Thursday– Afternoon Ice Cream

It’s that time again – time for me to admit all my daily indiscretions on the internet because I feel the need to overdramatize eating ice cream as an afternoon snack. Guilty as charged.

Confession #1: I threw together lunch while trying to organize papers and bills. Some people may be getting checks with ketchup on them. They should just be happy they’re getting paid.


I also grabbed an apple to go with lunch and some unpictured crackers with hummus Smile 


Confession #1.5: I didn’t really mail any checks – who uses regular mail anyways?!

Confession #2: But, the first apple I grabbed wasn’t good. I ended up leaving it on the counter and realized I had a half eaten apple on the counter when I was making dinner.


Confession #3: Paying bills is stressful so I had to distract myself with ice cream. Straight from the carton. I’m not proud of this, nor am I proud of the cookies I ate with it. In all seriousness, I had a bad time with this, but I don’t want to dwell on it. pumpkin ice cream

I felt an afternoon of continuous eating coming on, so I distracted myself by crunching on carrots and lighting candles. It worked better than usual at least.IMG_4154

I am proud that I know there are multiple uses for a pizza cutter – IMG_4157hello quesadilla cutter!


Confession #4: I wish I liked beer. No matter how much I try, I don’t…


especially when I have a quesadilla for dinner – they just seem better with beer, but no me gusta. IMG_4161

My CSA delivery arrived with cranberries today!


Confession #5: I dared Ben to eat one and was kind of disappointed that he didn’t make one of those funny faces babies do when you give them something sour.


like so…

baby sour face


Confession #6: I have 2 very cool announcement to make, but I don’t want to include them in this lame post.

At the same time, I don’t want to leave you in too much suspense so I’ll give you one announcement:


Congratulations! You have successfully registered or purchased a product for the 2011 Surf City USA Marathon!

My next marathon is in 12 weeks! Since Long Beach I’ve only been running about 3 days a week, but I’m going to start building back up starting this weekend.

Confession #7: I still haven’t finalized my training program and now I have a deadline = tonight!


I’m currently polishing off yesterday’s pumpkin pudding and sipping on tea.

Good Night Smile


  1. says

    I hate beer too. I really do try because it would make happy hour so much cheaper but I just can’t do it. I do like the girly cider beers though. Woodchuck anyone?
    Congrats on the next marathon!!!

  2. says

    Congrats on the next marathon – so exciting! I was so happy to read this post because I have been doing some major stress eating, like finishing lunch then breaking into the cereal and ice cream. Ice cream after lunch is SO not like me but it’s been happening! At least we both know we are not alone, the good news is we can get back on track just in time for Thanksgiving and the entire season of overeating. J/K, but not really. Good luck! PS Paying bills totally sucks.

  3. says

    Love me some quesadillas.

    And I’m really weird with beer…………i only light light varieties……..and sometimes it HITS THE SPOT, and other times I am ehhhhhhhhhh.

    I distract myself with food all the time……….esp. when im anxious/stressed. It is a habit im trying hard to break!

  4. Emily G says

    Awesome for you signing up for another marathon – and amazing, really. The cranberries in your CSA look outstanding. I think cranberries are one of the very best things about Thanksgiving. And beer-wise, you don’t need to feel bad about not liking it, but I highly recommend sampling fruity beers (try Belgian beers) or other unique ones – there’s so much variety beyond what is typically available that there’s a beer for you somewhere. Or at least a hard cider – try Crispin Cider, it’s fabulous.

  5. says

    Congratulations on the marathon–that’s awesome! Oh, and I can’t stand beer. When I first started dating my boyfriend–a true beer aficionado–I really tried to like it so we could enjoy it together. But really it’s not my thing at all. I’m having cranberries with my breakfast this morning (with a little sweetener, of course…)!

  6. says

    I don’t understand people who CAN handle beer. 😉

    And I totally pay bills by mail. I not only like the satisifaction of writing out the check, but I feel more secure about it for some reason.

  7. says

    When I was a baby my mom was cutting lemons and I kept trying to grab for one – so she called my dad over and said, “Watch this, this is going to be funny.” and handed me one. I ate it, smiled and held out my hand for more. I think they were disappointed.

    To this day I eat lemons like oranges – and I LOVE adding 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice to a glass of water. 😉

  8. says

    Paying bills gives me chest pains. I eat m&ms when I get writer’s block, which is basically every afternoon. Stress eating sucks.

    But yay for another marathon! Excited for you :)

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