Lunch at Lucille’s

Ben and I met my brother, Michael and his girlfriend, Heather for lunch today. I had gotten him and Ben gift certificates for Lucille’s Smokehouse a while back and we have been trying to plan a good time for months. Well, it finally worked out today!


Lucille’s starts you out with the best biscuits, served with apple butter. They are buttery and the apple butter is to die for. This is definitely my favorite part of the meal.


I tried the sweet tea that Michael and Ben got. I love how they serve drinks in Ball jars. So simple and pretty <3

IMG_4190Ben described the sweet tea as “diabetes in a glass”. Yeah, it’s too sweet – and for me to say that is something!


Because we all needed to feed our inner Snooki we requested a half order of friend pickles. They were okay, just not my thing…


plus a half order of spinach artichoke dip – aka bowl of cream and cheese with chips. Apparently we avoided the “I don’t want to die of heart disease” section of the menu all together.


Lucille’s portions are crazy! We kept watching the servers bring out massive plates to the tables around us. If you come here be prepared to EAT.


I got the grilled vegetable salad and made a special request that they add hard boiled egg for some protein. It was delicious! I also stole some of Ben’s sweet potato fries and a few bites of garlic mashed potatoes to round out the meal.


Now I’m giving Michael and Heather a tiny tour of our condo. They haven’t come to visit us yet because everyone says we live so far away! It’s true, but still…


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      When we lived in Georgia, my daughter discovered her love of sweet tea. My neighbor, who was from Texas, always said that Georgia sweet tea is the sweetest she’d ever tasted and coming from a Texan, that’s saying a lot.

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    That is so funny that you got deep fried pickles!!! I JUST had a conversation last night with my BF about it. We were at Red Robin (yuck) and they had deep friend jalapeno chips or something on the menu. That reminded Michael of the time he ate fried pickles. I was shocked there was such a thing and it sounded so gross.

    Artichoke dip on the other hand, yum!

  2. Michael says

    Monic….I gotta say my first time to luicelles was delicious. Thanks! I had my left overs when Heather and I got back from Disneyland and was just as good. Heather ate her hickory smoked chicken today and it smelled my room up with BBQ goodness. On a different note… I hate that your peeps say we look alike. I feel I’m way non photogenic in all your fancy camera pics and I look like you with short hair and a beard. Or maybe its you that looks like a dude…either way I think I’m going bald to avoid all confussion

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