Organic Spinach Smoothie

I try to buy organic spinach for my green monsters, but it has been going bad before I can use it lately.The cooler weather means I’m not making as many cold smoothies for breakfast!

So when my CSA delivered organic spinach yesterday I knew I should make a Green Monster before the smoothie season comes to a complete close. IMG_4169

Or as much of a close is possible when you live in southern California.


I am really digging TJ’s PB with flax and pumpkin butter toast! I have been having this combo on a daily basis, whether or not you see it Winking smile


A wine glass filled with green juice, drank with a straw? Yes please.


Our bed is coming on Monday! Finally! So I have to clean up and head to Ikea for some odds and ends for the room. I’m way too excited about that.

I’m also excited to meet my brother and his GF for lunch today.

See ya later!


  1. Kristine says

    I freeze my organic spinach. When it’s going into a frozen smoothie, it really doesn’t make a difference. Maybe you could try that?

  2. says

    I’m also making green monsters a little less often now that the weather is cooler. It’s difficult to get enough spinach because I just don’t eat it… I’d rather drink it. But I don’t think a Hot Green Monster would be appetizing… in fact, I’d bet on it.

  3. says

    I can’t even go to an Ikea, I end up spending SO much money. I love some of the prints they have there, super inexpensive but awesome nonetheless.

    I sent my fiance once there alone to pick up a coffee table and he got lost like 4 times and had to call me while walking through the store to figure out where he wa suppose to go, lol such a goof.

  4. says

    I love Ikea, and if that’s wrong I don’t care about what right is. Did they have the recent ad where they let all the cats loose in the store in the US?

  5. Elizabeth says

    I am less-than-perky most mornings and I’ve found that if I don’t trim and wash my green monster greens before I put them in the fridge, they will quietly wilt and ooze away into goo. I wash everything in my salad spinner and put the clean greens in a glass bowl with a lid or wrap them in a clean kitchen towel. Then, if they are about to turn against me, I can throw them in the freezer with no effort.

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