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I am a food hoarder. But, I’m kinda bad at it because I was all out of bread this morning and had to walk to the store for some bagel thins. hoarders dvdIt was a craving that would not be stopped.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so give in to your breakie cravings, right? Plus it gave me the chance to get in a walk and loosen up my legs. IMG_4457 I bought 46 pounds of grapes from Costco the other day, that would be considered hoarding if half of them weren’t already gone…


The reason I claim to be a food hoarder is, while at Costco they were giving out samples that I wasn’t feeling right at that second but wanted to try. So, I grabbed them and put ‘em in my purse. I can’t believe I did that, but the first step is admitting you have a problem and I do.


Question: Do you hoard anything?

I kinda feel like I hoard cans of beans, sports bras (hello, I have an overflowing drawer full!), fruit, plates and obviously Costco samples…

Okay, jokes aside these clips from Hoarders are disturbing Sad smile

Maggots in the Coffee Pot


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    I hoard t-shirts, and things from my childhood, and now newspapers that use photos I took.
    But really, Hoarders is famazing. Did you see the one with the lady with 36 cats? Jeepers creepers.

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    That is hysterical about the samples!!!

    I tend to kind of sort of hoard TJ’s stuff. I don’t live near one anymore; so, I stock up when I can. There are five jars of TJ’s pumpkin butter in my cabinet right now sitting next to four bags of praline pecan granola and another four of ginger snaps.

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    LOLOL I love the samples hoarding!

    I totally hoard food – esp if I find a goodie on sale! It sounds so weird saying it out loud!

    I’m currently working on only cooking based on what’s in my pantry – alot of beans, diced tomatoes, pasta.

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    I hoard anything free! I eat Costco samples even if I am not in the mood for the. I have never regretted one. Well maybe the heart of Palm. Idk what I was expecting..

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    I am also a food hoarder. I always have a completely full pantry – if I use one can of beans I replace it next time I go to the grocery store – even if I have 3 more in the pantry still. You never know when you will go through 5 cans of black beans – in one week!

    Seriously though – I did a pantry challenge two months ago and thinned it down a little. It lasted the month and now it is fully stocked again. I can’t last without my 5 cans of beans!

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    I hoard food too for two reason. 1 – I grew up in a house where I felt like we never had anything good to eat so I love having lots of variety now and 2 – I love to grocery shop. So much. I have a problem and probably need an intervention.

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    That hoarders episode is frightening. *gag* I hoard t-shirts. They are clean though…. :-) I’m with Heather- I also have a canned black bean problem- there are 5 in my pantry. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

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    I’m definitely a food hoarder! I stock up on stuff that I don’t need “just in case”. It’s so ridiculous! And our pantry was out of control for a long time. Then I decided it was time to not buy anything anymore and eat through the pantry. That lasted a month. 😉

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    If I had the room I would totally hoard food! But I don’t have the space to put it, so I have to go grocery shopping about three times a week. One little cupboard doesn’t hold much!

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    My name is Erin, and I am a hoarder….what I hoard is dryer lint…I know this is crazy but I have a whole target bag full of dryer lint hanging above my dryer…I don’t know why I can’t get rid of this…i look at it every time I do laundry but I can’t see to take it down and throw it out…please don’t hold this against me:/

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