My Apologies

I’m sorry. I know there are only so many bowls of oats you can take before you start selecting “Mark All As Read” on your Google Reader.


And only so many close ups of chia seeds too, I’m sorry.

I know, I know, you get it – healthy people like tiny little $57.00 specs of pepper on any food they eat. IMG_4518

I also want to apologize to myself for convincing my cold little brain that I should wait to run after class because it would be warmer. I somehow “forgot” that my body hates running after 10am and will make me pay with lead legs, stomach issues and an overall feeling of laziness.


I am sorry to my bank account because after craving Subway for multiple days now and finally having a dream about it (in which they got my order wrong, the horrors!) I decided to stop by and Eat Fresh on the way home. Actually, I had a $2.99 coupon so I’m not that sorry.IMG_4525

Sorry Vegas, you are not getting any of that tuna sub. Nope.IMG_4528

Actually, I’m not sorry to Vegas because he left me this “present” that I almost stepped in as I was desperately ripping off my jacket to get to MY tuna.IMG_4530

I am sorry to you guys because I felt the need to post that picture. I’m also sorry to the GoodWill as I should hurry up and donate that suitcase full of clothes already!

Now I am waiting for my tuna sub, carrots, handful of chips and seltzer to digest so I get get in a 3-miler. IMG_4527I’m sure my tummy is going to make me real sorry that I didn’t share any of it with Vegas after all…


  1. says

    My dog likes to leave me presents sometimes, too. And he never apologizes either!!! He doesn’t even apologize whenever he empties the trash can of all its contents. Darn animals. They need to learn their manners!

  2. says

    I have such a hard time running in the afternoon as well. I’ve had to make this change in the past few months and slowly, I think my body is adapting but I still miss my morning runs like no other!

  3. Jennifer says

    You are hysterical! I love reading your blog…

    I can totally relate to running first thing in the morning. I’m awfully sluggish if I wait. On the other hand, I have to come to realize that I need to do my yoga in the afternoon. I’m too stiff and have trouble getting into poses when I do yoga first thing. Weird!

  4. says

    My cat slept on my bed with me when I was home for Thanksgiving last wknd. In the morning he had left me a present as well right on my comforter…debating on whether my excitement for x-mas break is dwindling because of that…

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