Milk Toast At Midnight


A quick hello because my 2011 resolutions post is taking longer than expected. I guess I need a lot of work Lunch was solo because everyone else went fishing. I made a veggie burger wrap with loads of hummus, pickles and lettuce. with a Chobani and carrots… eaten poolside Ahhhhh, Florida. I’m going to miss this when I get home. Not that California weather is that much … [Read more...]

Side By Side


Ben and I went on a walk this morning. I needed a rest day from running and he wasn’t too hung over from last night’s festivities so we headed toward my favorite place – Dunkin Donuts! It’s just under 2 miles from his parents which makes for a great stroll   Doesn’t this picture make it look like DD is Heavenly? Because it is. All I wanted was an iced coffee, but I … [Read more...]

Off To Orlando!


Sorry I was MIA today! I was on a mission to Orlando. But, first I did a chilly run to breakfast. I ran to the restaurant where Ben’s dad has his weekly artist breakfast and they wanted to see us since we’re not around often. I’m not positive how far it was since my Garmin died at the beginning of the run. I got Eggs Benedict and ditched the ham, sauce on the side. I also … [Read more...]

Good From Far


Ever heard the term, “It’s good from far, but far from good.”? Well, that is kind of my day. My eats all look good from far… but are far from “good” in the healthy sense of the word. In case you were wondering, Ben and I split a 6 inch tuna sub as an afternoon snack. I guess there are worse things. We also went on a mission for supplies to make a pool heater. Yes, Ben … [Read more...]

It’s Different Here


It’s not just that I’m from California and Ben’s family is in Florida – there are many reasons why visiting here feels different from home. It’s not just the constant fear that an alligator will dart from the swamp I run by and grab me for breakfast… or the fact that the cost of living is so much lower than SoCal, Ben and I can only dream of owning a home with so much land. … [Read more...]

2010 Highs and Lows


2010 was full of highs and lows for me. Luckily,  it was a lot more highs than lows and I’m very grateful for every experience. Here’s a quick recap of my 2010 highs and lows… January 2010  Low: Another one of the many posts where I express my distain for the cold – The C Word High: The Walt Disney Marathon! Which can also be considered a low because of the bitter … [Read more...]

I am Ruined


My mother-in-law has the best toppings for salads! I always make a bed of greens and top it with things like coleslaw, potato salad and other goodies. I am ruined from having my usual boring salads at home. I’m also ruined from being able to go for more than 2 hours without candy. Brian (my brother-in-law) and I were joking that there is candy EVERYWHERE and we can’t stop … [Read more...]

The Wind Won


I ran to the beach from Ben’s mom and dad’s house today. It’s exactly 5 miles according to my little Garmino. Englewood is on the West coast of Florida, so the sun rise is still coming from the other side of the world, like I’m used to from California morning runs   I love the beach and I love being within “running distance” to it twice as much! It’s still super … [Read more...]

Trampoline Time


How do you prepare for an afternoon of trampoline jumping? My best advice would be: “With some light stretching.” My worst advice would be: “With a big lunch!” Oh well, I never said I was Dr.Phil (or someone who gives advice about trampolines). Ben and I went to Publix before heading to his sister and brother-in-law’s. Then it was time to JUMP! First, our nephews, Owen … [Read more...]

I’m Almost There


It’s still very windy here in Englewood, Fl! This mornings run was cold and the wind was on my face for the first half of it. I kept telling myself “I’m almost there. I’m almost there…” the whole time. Yeah, the thing is, I tried a new route today and I had no idea how long the route I tried really was! I ended up doing a loop that was just under 6 miles. Next time I’ll … [Read more...]

The Day After Christmas


The day after Christmas is usually anti-climactic. But not this year! Ben’s sister and brother-in-law (Julie and Brian) got us tickets to Busch Gardens for Christmas! Even though the weather report warned us that it was going to be cold we decided to go for it today. No time for exercise. Plenty of time for a banana with PB though We stopped for breakfast on the road. I … [Read more...]

Christmas 2010


Today was pretty low key. We spent the day just “hanging out”. Ben's mom showed us around the jungles of their yard. This is their backyard. Florida is a beast! I heard the neighbor found 2 alligators in this lake behind their house recently. Poison Ivy in their yard! Beastly, but beautiful… Ben and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day and have a picnic … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas Banana Bread


Merry Christmas! I celebrated Jesus’ birthday was a 9 mile run first thing. That’s the good thing about doing presents on Christmas eve – you have Christmas morning free to run! I was thinking about doing my long run today (yeah, 9 miles isn’t even my long run – running marathons changes how you look at things), but decided to postpone it a few days. I wasn’t sure what time … [Read more...]

A White Christmas


Since I’m Mexican, this this my first white Christmas! Do with that, what you will After a pain-less cross country flight we arrived at Ben’s family home in Florida. I have always felt comfy and at home here – love it! I’ve been looking forward to this visit almost as much as he has. We sleep in his childhood room. Now it’s all grown up! As soon as we dropped our bags we … [Read more...]

Christmas Eve on a Plane


My mom’s house is closer to LAX, so we stayed there last night. I woke up bright and early this morning to take the dogs on a walk before heading to the airport. I also managed to get in 2.8 miles of running so I wouldn’t be too antsy on the four hour flight. The airport wasn’t as crazy as I thought it was going to be, but the line to check baggage was still pretty long. I … [Read more...]

I Won’t Be Home For Christmas


This is the first Christmas that I won’t be home Even though we were living in Maryland last December we flew out to CA to be with my family. You can read last year’s Christmas post here. But before we headed to my mom’s I had errands to run, bags to pack and Ben’s to talk out of working late. One of my tasks was a pit stop at the Goodwill to donate a bunch of clothes. I … [Read more...]