The Real Reason

The real reason I complain about the cold, even though I live in SoCal, is probably because I am addicted to smoothies for breakfast. IMG_4645

The real reason I am going to be tired for this weekend’s race is because I didn’t take a mid-week rest day from running this week. I didn’t realize that until I was at mile 3 of an easy 4 miler this morning. Fail.

The reason reason I never eats oats in a jar is because I scrape all my nut butter jars clean.


The real reason I have no friends and will potentially lose 59 readers today, is because I could not bring myself to not post this picture. My toenail fell off last night! I was excited in a weird way and had to share.


The real reason I win the “Most Random Post of The Day” Award is because I am obsessed with going to Savannah, Georgia. I have no idea why and I don’t even know anything about the area. I just keep dreaming about a trip to Savannah and New Orleans. Random, right?

The real reason I will not be posting again until tonight is because I will be on my way to Las Vegas! I am not excited yet, that will probably hit me when I get to the state line. DSCN9946

The real reason “What happens in Vegas Doesn’t Stay in Vegas” is because I have a blog and share way too much on it.  The last time I was in Vegas was February! It’s been too long.

We visited Serendipity and took a walk. There were some other Minor Details too.

Anyways, say a little prayer for me that I get there in one piece and have a good weekend. I’m still trying to shake an “off” feeling and hope crossing the border to Nevada will cure me right up!


  1. says

    Savannah is a GREAT city!!! I’ve been there several times. You’d love it. The city squares are beautiful, the local “characters” are interesting and friendly, and there’s so much history and tourism stuff. Be sure to do a ghost walk in the evening to hear the haunted tales of the almost ancient city.

  2. says

    Have fun in Las Vegas! Like you, I never get to enjoy oats n a jar because I have never had that “wake up and find only a tablespoon of peanut butter left” moment yet. If there is 1 tbsp. left, it’s gone!

  3. AR says

    Regarding the toenail, that is amazing looking. I’ve never taken a picture of any of mine that have fallen off, but now I kind of want to. Ha.

    Maybe I’ll see you in Vegas!

  4. says

    The real reason I complain about the cold, even though I live in SoCal, is because I am addicted to hot weather and sun! 😛
    And also, I kind of envy you for having 59 readers to lose over the toe nail photo! Good luck with the race!

  5. Amanda says

    So thats what toe nails look like when they fall off…. cool.

    Have fun in Vegas! Hopefully half marathons in Vegas are more fun than anywhere else eh?

  6. says

    My sons live in San Diego with their families and I live in … Savannah! We own a B&B here so if you decide to do the Rock’n’Roll Marathon November 2011, consider looking us up! Savannah is, as Sarah said, a beautiful city, charming, eclectic and full of characters!

  7. Amanda says

    Okay so I am a new reader and a first time commenter. But I just wanted to say I love your blog and find it super informative, hilarious, and motivational . I am doing the rock & roll vegas for my first half marathon and am kind of excited you’re doing it too. It’s almost like I’m a real runner or something :)
    Anyways, Good luck on Sunday.

  8. says

    I haven’t checked in to your blog for awhile and I check in on the day of the Toenail!!!. So weird, I have always had a desire to go to Savannah, Georgia and to the coastal waterways. Every time I read a novel set there, it’s like I have some memory of it , that I can’t quite place – weird, I know. I do have ancestors that settled in those parts, so maybe they are calling to me.

  9. says

    I LOVE SAVANNAH, GA! We took a road trip down the East Coast for our honeymoon and stayed a day in Savanah then headed down to FL. We slept in Daytona and had planned to keep going further South, but when we left Daytona I looked at him and said, “Can we please go back and spend the rest of our time in GA?” He said he was thinking the same thing…I can’t wait to go back! Have fun this weekend and have a safe trip!!!

  10. says

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