Milk Toast At Midnight

A quick hello because my 2011 resolutions post is taking longer than expected. I guess I need a lot of work wlEmoticon winkingsmile15 Milk Toast At Midnight

Lunch was solo because everyone else went fishing. I made a veggie burger wrap with loads of hummus, pickles and lettuce.

IMG 5833 thumb Milk Toast At Midnight

with a Chobani and carrots…IMG 5834 thumb Milk Toast At Midnight

eaten poolside wlEmoticon smile47 Milk Toast At Midnight Ahhhhh, Florida. I’m going to miss this when I get home. Not that California weather is that much different, but the slow pace of life here is addictive.

IMG 5835 thumb Milk Toast At Midnight

And for a snack? My last Vitatop of 2010.IMG 5838 thumb Milk Toast At Midnight

But, I think I want to have a milk toast at midnight with a side of Vitatop too!

I might get super chocolate wasted tonight, so we’ll see how this whole resolutions post goes. See ya later!


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