A Bad Influence

This afternoon I got hungry around 3pm. I knew it would be a while until dinner so I wanted something that would stick to my ribs. I decided oatmeal with Almond Butter would be the best and most filling choice. It worked.

IMG 7173 thumb A Bad Influence

I picked up this TJ’s tofu to keep my Monday Meatless, but the protein high.

IMG 7176 thumb A Bad Influence

Here are the nutrition stats – I’m not super excited about the fact that it’s supposed to be 5 servings, but I like the rest.

IMG 7181 thumb A Bad Influence

I cooked it up with a ton of veggies and a homemade PB Teriyaki sauce wlEmoticon smile41 A Bad Influence

IMG 7184 thumb A Bad Influence

Garnished with a handful of peanuts.

IMG 7191 thumb A Bad Influence

I think this is my favorite meal I make! As I was eating I realized I wanted to eat the whole pan by myself. Crazy Completely acceptable thoughts went through my head like, “I should only cook this from now on…” “I wish I didn’t have to share this with Ben…”

IMG 7193 thumb A Bad Influence

Now this is where my day gets ugly –

I have been accused of being a bad influence on my friends (and they have taken the liberty to take pictures of me so I could “remember” it)…

monica is drunk thumb A Bad Influence

I’ve been a bad influence on my little brother too. This is a picture of him after I dared him to climb our avocado tree, moments before he fell off.  To be fair, I told him I’d give him $3.00 if he did it. photo 2 thumb A Bad Influence

I may have even been a bad influence on you before. Like the time I drank vodka before running a half marathon. That one hurt. Don’t do that.Monica has bloodshot eyes thumb A Bad Influence

Also ignore my influence regarding the time I met a guy and went to the Grand Canyon with him on our third date. That could have ended poorly. monica in grand thumb A Bad Influence

But this time – Ben is the bad influence. He busted out the Nutella again! He’s addicted and I am powerless against the powers of this cocoa hazelnut goodness as well.

IMG 7196 thumb A Bad Influence

I’m hoping my mom forbids me to hang out with him soon…

Until then I must distract myself with my favorite cartoon and spoonfuls of Nutella straight up.


  1. says

    Eating spoonfuls of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter is a part of my daily life. I’ve just accepted it at this point. I’ve also accepted the fact that I’ll spend $10 a week on the stuff. [ouch] I say give in to Ben’s bad influence…

  2. says

    Sometimes I think serving size is really a suggestion…I mean, who actually eats just one bagel thin….no? Am I the only one who eats at least two at a time? :)

  3. says

    I dared my brother one time to climb a tree, I told him I would give him a $1 and a candy, he fell off the tree too =/

    I once drank and ate a huge hamburger before a race….ohhhh bad idea in my defense I figured it was carbo loading ;)

    Nutella…oh that is my downfall too. I can eat a whole container by myself in about an hour. scary sight!

    Another one of my downfalls is candy, and somehow it always ends up in our house with my fiance eating it ALL the time!

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